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String designer shelving, cabinets & accessories

String Pocket
String System Wall Panel
String System Cabinet With Sliding Doors
String System Drawer Unit
String Kitchen
String System Shelves (Set of 3)
String System Hooks
String System Rod
String System Work Desk
String System Floor Panel
String Bathroom
String System Shelf S
String System Metal Shelf
String System Magazine Shelf Wood
String System Shoe Shelf
String System Cabinet with swing door
String System Shelf L
String System Display Cabinet With Sliding Glass Doors
String Pocket Metal
String System Magazine shelf metal
String System Coat Rack
String System Magazine Holder
String System Shelf M
String System Floor Shelf with Drawers
String Hallway
String Outdoor Free Standing Shelf
String Outdoor Floor Shelf
String Outdoor Wall Shelf
String System Bowl Shelf


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The String System

A classic among shelving systems! The String shelf by Kajsa and Nils Nisse Strinning dates back to 1949 yet still meets almost all the requirements that can be placed on a modular, functional shelving system - a genuine timeless classic. The most striking feature of the String bookshelves are the wall or floor ladders, into which the shelves and additional modules are embedded. These ladders ensure that even large shelving constructions remain absolutely stable without losing the typical restrained lightness and elegance of the String shelving system. The combination possibilities of the individual parts are almost endless, not least because wall or floor ladders and shelves of different depth and colour can be combined with each other. As a consequence there are countless ways to tailor String to your own individual needs. Help with the conception of your individual system is provided by the String configurator: wall or floor ladders of different sizes and colours can be selected, and complemented by matching shelves and other elements, such as the String wall cabinet with sliding doors. The String system, which includes the well-known String Pocket Regal, and is in high demand among lovers of Scandinavian design.

Timeless String System coat rack

The String shelving system scores highly in terms of its versatility


The basis of any String configuration is the side panels. Choose wall and/or floor ladders in your preferred sizes and colours and add shelves or other elements such as the cabinet with sliding doors, to create your own individual piece of furniture for the required space. As a universal shelving system string is suitable for walls large or small and for any given space, be that, living room, nursery or study. Having used the String configurator to design your unit please send your configuration, as a PDF, by email to

The String configurator offers individual shelving solutions

With the String System, endless individual configurations are possible

Practical String System Sideboard

Click on picture for String inspiration (ca. 6,0 MB)

String Outdoor

String Outdoor for everywhere

Details of String Outdoor

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