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Tiptoe Table Leg
LOU Stool, solid wood
SSD Chair, metal/wood
SSD Chair
Table top wood, rectangular
Tiptoe Side Table Brooklyn
Tiptoe Table Top Plastic, round
SSD Chair, wood
Tiptoe Clamp for Wall shelves (Set of 2)
LOU Stool, recycled plastic
Tiptoe Side Table Pacifico/Venezia
Tiptoe Table Top Wood, round
Tiptoe Children's Table
NOD Clamp Light
NOD Table Lamp
MINI LOU Children's Stool

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TipToe: Sustainable and fair furniture design from France

Matthieu Bourgeaux and Vincent Quesada from Parisian furniture manufacturer TipToe share a passion for high-quality furnishings that are not only aesthetically pleasing but produced in an environmentally friendly manner. Since its founding in 2015 TipToe has mastered the balancing act between functionality, simple, timeless design and fair prices with a company philosophy that is geared towards sustainability.

Crafted from sustainable materials, and manufactured 100% in Europe, TipToe contribute to an environmentally conscious lifestyle; while with their contemporary, functional design approach and convincing price-performance TipToe furniture is the perfect choice for everyone who wants living spaces furnished with high quality objects that combine good style with sustainability.

New Modern dining table from TipToe

Company history

First steps with the modular Tiptoe table leg

One of the defining products with which TipToe has made a name for itself is the modular TipToe table leg, a concept initialyl advanced by numerous designers in the 1970s that was given an innovative, contemporary reinterpretation from TipToe. As the TipToe table legs can be clamped to any table top, and come in a variety of sizes and colours, they offer maximum flexibility when designing any space. The sophisticated, functional design has become one of TipToe's trademarks.

So simple, so ingenious: TipToe table leg

TipToe table legs: stable, simple and versatile

TiptToe: three generations of entrepreneurs

French furniture manufacturer TipToe is related to a metalworking company near Chamonix in Haute-Savoie founded in 1947 by Henri Bourgeaux, Matthieu Bourgeaux's grandfather, and currently run as a family business in the third generation. The family workshop is an important partner of TipToe which produce a large proportion of the elements from which TipToe furniture is assembled. Individual parts made using traditional metalworking techniques also give TipToe designs their rustic, down-to-earth minimalism.

Colorful and functional: French children's furniture from TipToe

TipToe designer furniture for children's rooms, living rooms and work spaces

From storage solutions to table legs, tables and desks to wall shelves, chairs and stools, lamps, sofas, children's furniture and garden furniture, TipToe offers cleverly designed and suitable pieces of furniture for every room and occasion. TipToe products are characterized by their consistently high quality and timeless design.

Thanks to minimalist design, sophisticated details and a wide range of colours, TipToe furniture is as adaptable as it is distinctive. Materials such as wood, aluminium and steel ensure a natural look with industrial charm.

In addition to natural materials, only recycled plastics are processed: for example, upholstery fabrics are made of 75% or 98% recycled polyester depending on the colour while armrests and cushions are filled with flakes of recycled foam.

TipToe has a particularly wide and diverse product range meaning TipToe designs can be used to furnish living rooms, work areas, hotels and catering establishments comprehensively and functionally.

Home furnishings with TipToe

Dining area with Lou stool by TipToe

TipToe: Consistently for more sustainability and environmental protection

At TipToe, sustainability runs through all aspects of furniture production. The most important sustainability principles are clearly defined: All furniture is produced in Europe and is designed to last a long time. Instead of relying on cheaply produced objects that invariably breaks quickly and has to be disposed, TipToe focuses on sustainable furniture production.

To make its sustainability approach transparent, TipToe has formulated 5 principles that are consistently implemented:

1. Make things simple: TipToe furniture is functional, simple, robust, easy to assemble and transport.

2. Make more with less: All products are designed efficiently and to conserve resources. All individual parts can be replaced or repaired. In addition individual parts are designd to reduce the size of the packing.

3. Use the right materials: All materials are durable and easily recyclable or already recycled. The wood comes from sustainably managed European forests that bear the PEFC or FSC seal. TipToe's packaging is made of 80% recycled paper.

4. Build to last: All products are designed and manufactured to have a particularly long lifespan. This is guaranteed by numerous tests. In addition, all TipToe objects are designed so that they can be easily repaired.

5. Design for disassembly: As Tiptoe furniture consists of only a few individual parts, it can either be easily repaired or, if it has served its purpose, easily dismantled into its component parts and recycled separately.

Lobo dining table from TipToe

TipToe shelf

TipToe bracket for a wall shelf