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Trifolium Butterfly Chair
Mini O Table
Trifolium Stool
Tall Mini O Table
Ox Stool
Ninety Table
O Table
KS Chair
Deck Table

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About Ox Denmarq

Based in Copenhagen the young Danish manufacturer Ox Denmarq produces exclusive designer furniture, in which high quality materials and timeless forming play a major role. This endearing mix was already apparent in the company's first collection, which was primarily characterized by fine, vegetable dyed leather, wood and stainless steel. Over the years the manufacturer's portfolio has become increasingly diverse through the use of marble, brass and copper. Leather however remains the most interesting material of the Ox Denmarq designs, a fact represented in the company's name : Ox Denmarq. The leather used by Ox Denmarq, which is always at least 3 mm thick, stems principally from Spanish calves which are held out of doors and thus exposed to natural occurrences such as insect bites, a fact visible in the leather. And it is this leather which contributes to the popularity of the Trifolium Chair, which under the name Butterfly Chair entered furniture design history. As with the leather the marble used by Ox Denmarq is a pure natural product, whose natural colour differences and progressions are testament to the conditions under which it was formed, and location it was formed - Ox Denmarq being sourced from India, Italy and Spain. In addition to the material consciousness Ox Denmarq is characterised by a conscious integration in the Danish design tradition. This is expressed as a formal minimalism and beauty and sustainable furniture suitable for passing on to future generations : because as all know good leather becomes ever more attractive and charming over the course of time.

Handmade in Denmark

Exclusive leather production for Ox Denmarq