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Duck & Duckling
Optimist & Pessimist
Turning Tray

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Lovers of Scandinavian design will be acquainted with the charming wooden ducks Duck & Duckling and the lovingly designed figures Birds or Owl: today, the design objects are realised by the Danish manufacturer Architectmade, a brand that specializes in the production of high-quality accessories from exquisite materials. The small works of art, designed by famous Danish architects and designers such as Hans Bølling, Finn Juhl or Kristian Vedel, stand for perfection of Danish design in handwork and form. With the same devotion that the architects devoted to creating their designs, these are now being realized by Architectmade: carefully selected materials are hand-crafted with attention to detail to become stylish Danish home accessories such as the Turning Tray or the figures Optimist & Pessimist, which can last generations. Timelessly beautiful design objects, their materials and stories set a conscious opposition to our contemporary throw-away culture.

Architectmade designs by renowned architects such as Hans Bølling