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Rug Felicia
Anti-Slip Underlay
Rug Loke
Rug/Runner Veronica
Rug/Runner Rosemary
Rug Njord
Rug Myrtus
Rug Fenris
Rug Iris
Rug Rolf
Rug Bellis
Rug Tanne
Rug/Runner Poppy
Rug Balder
Rug/Runner Fleur
Rug/Runner Daisy
Rug Gro
Rug Humle
Rug New Freja
Rug Una

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Fabula Living

Fabula Living carpet

Since 2004, the Danish manufacturer Fabula Living has quietly established an international reputation for its portfolio of residential textiles. Before chief designer and company founder Jens Landberg Schrøder entered the world of carpet production he had gained invaluable experience as a dealer in oriental carpets. In the design of the modern Fabula Living carpets traditional, oriental weaving techniques were introduced, which Schrøder combined with a simple style and first class quality. Perfectly in keeping with the demands of the Scandinavian design tradition. The result is carpets in soft colours suitable for every room, such as Poppy by Lisbe Friis, woven from high-quality, selected materials with a rustic yet simple structure and powerful details.

Balder rug from Fabula Living

Fabula Living rug Fenris

Rug Njord from Fabula Living

Rug Bellis from Fabula Living

Design rug Rolf

Fabula Living rug Tanne

Rug New Freja

Fabula Living rug Loke