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Louis Ghost
Componibili Round - 3 Compartments
Masters Set of 4
Felt Coasters for Componibili
Small Round Componibili Element
Componibili Round - 4 Compartments
Componibili Round - 2 Compartments
Victoria Ghost
Componibili Metallic
Bubble Club Armchair
new Colours
Louis Ghost Set of 4
Masters Barstool
Componibili Castors
La Marie
new Colours
Small Square Componibili Element
FL/Y Metallic
Maui Chair
Taj Mini
Mr. Impossible
Front Page
L'Air du Temps
Bubble Club Sofa
new Colours
Charles Ghost
Componibili Smile
Generic C
Dr. NO
Large Round Componibili Element
Small Ghost Buster
La Bohème Stool
Small FL/Y
Waste basket
Umbrella Stand
TopTop Dining Table Small
Maui Table
FL / Y
Masters Metallic
Masters Bar Stool Metallic
Planet Floor Lamp
Dr. Na
Componibili Round Closure Top
Maui Swivel Chair
Prince AHA
Bloom Metallic Pendant Light
La Bohème Vase
Ami Ami Chair
Ero|S| F
Bubble Club Table
new Colours
Big FL/Y
Segmenti Clothes Stand
Trays Table
TopTop Dining and Conference Table
Large Square Componibili Element
Bloom Pendant Light
Magazine rack
Spoon Chair
Componibili Square Closure Top
Ero|S| G
Door For Large Square Componibili Element
Stone Metallic
Generic A
Lovely Rita
Light Air


In collaboration with international designers such as Philippe Starck, Maarten Van Severen Piero Lissoni or Michele de Lucchi, Italian manufacturer Kartell has been developing pioneer designs for over 50 years. One of the leading international producers of plastic objects, the origins of Kartell lie in the ambitions of the chemist Giulio Castelli, who founded the company in 1949 and initially concentrated on the production of components for the car industry. The company however quickly moved into the production of household utensils and laboratory equipment before in the 1960s, the company's portfolio was expanded to include furniture - and thus the birth of a legend in contemporary Italian furniture design. Objects such as the Bourgie table lamp or the Ghost Chair have become contemporary classics. Through their combination of innovation, quality, and just a little quirkiness, Kartell are widely recognized as one of the leading international furniture companies and in many respects typify and embody the contemporary Italian design industry.

smow sells exclusively originals from licensed manufacturers and is an official trading partner of Kartell.

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smow Blog Interview: Glen Oliver Löw - I have always been of the opinion that design begins with a problem.

...Following his graduation from the Domus Academy Glen Oliver Löw remained in Milan where he took up a position with Antonio Citterio, becoming a partner in the practice in 1990, and developing a wide range of projects for companies as varied as, amongst others, Vitra, Kartell and Flos...

2010 Designer Furniture World Cup: Holland 1 - Spain 0

...Switching to a more synthetic "Kartell" Approach seemed to offer Urquiola more options, however Jongerius countered with the fully unexpected Polder Sofa for Vitra and the contest was decided; 1:0 for Holland...

2010 Designer Furniture World Cup: Italy 1 - Denmark 1

...In a brave early move Verner Panton attempted to go solo with his Bachelor chair, Colombo managing to counter at the last minute with his Armchair Modell 4801 for Kartell...

New York Ta(b)les. Part 1

...Particularly nasty - access to this Dr Na by Philippe Starckfor Kartell has been blocked for the press corp!...

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