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Bistro Folding Chair Set of 2
Bistro Folding Table rectangular
Luxembourg Bench with Backrest
Basket Planter
Balad Mini Set of 3
Luxembourg Chair
Bistro Folding Chair
Luxembourg Armchair
Luxembourg Bench/Table
Balad Stand
Bellevie 2-Seater Sofa
Luxembourg Low Armchair
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Bellevie Table
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Fermob - outdoor furniture from France

Fermob is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality French-style garden furniture. With beauty, elegance and functionality, Fermob garden furniture transform terraces, balconies, gardens and patios into inviting outdoor oases.

Bellevie collection from Fermob


The Fermob factory in Thoissey near Lyon is where the company's heart beats for quality, design and innovative manufacturing processes.

Founded in 1953 as a metal processing company, Fermob soon began to specialise in the production of metal garden furniture. Today, the company is committed to creating aesthetically pleasing, functional, durable and environmentally friendly outdoor furniture and outdoor lights and produces around 400,000 pieces annually.

The Fermob furniture collections for the garden, terrace and balcony

Fermob offers numerous designer furniture collections with tables, chairs, sofas and other Fermob furniture that impress with their unique designs, high-quality materials and practical functionality.

Each collection embodies an individual style and adapts to different needs and preferences. The Fermob collections are complemented by a range of accessories and lamps that are perfectly coordinated with seat-table combinations. We present three Fermob collections:

Luxembourg Collection from Fermob

Luxembourg Collection

Timeless elegance meets contemporary design. The Luxembourg collection is known for its distinctive aluminium chairs and tables and was inspired by the “Jardin Luxembourg” in Paris. And similarly exudes Parisian flair.

Bistro bar chair from Fermob

Bistro Collection

As a homage to the Parisian cafés the Bistro collection impresses as folding metal furniture. Ideal for small balconies or outdoor spaces, the Bistro garden furniture combines functionality with the style of urban Paris.

Bellevie Sofa from Fermob

Bellevie Collection

The Bellevie collection, designed by studio Pagnon & Pelhaître, lives up to its name: generous dimensions, soft curves, clear shapes and numerous colours ensure a high quality of life and an optimistic atmosphere. In addition to seating and tables, the Bellevie collection also includes upholstered lounge furniture for outdoor areas.

Set up small cafés and open spaces with Fermob

For indoors and outdoors: Surprising chairs from Fermob in the gastronomy segment

With Fermob you can effortlessly set up small cafés and outdoor spaces with Parisian flair. Whether public areas, street cafés, outdoor seating or restaurant areas, Fermob garden furniture offers quick, practical and beautiful furnishing solutions.

Garden furniture for a lounge area from the Bellevie collection by Fermob

► A big plus point is that Fermob is particularly easy to care for and clean. With the Fermob care accessories damaged paint can be easily retouched and all Fermob furniture can be professionally cleaned.

► Plastic covers ensure perfect protection of Fermob outdoor furniture during storage periods.

► The Bistro folding chair is simple to use and can be quickly and easily folded up. Plastic clips ensure that it can be folded up and opened safely.

► Fermob furniture is space-saving and can be purchased in budget-friendly packs of two - an ideal option for small cafes with outdoor seating on the sidewalk or backyard.

Luxembourg tables by Fermob for a restaurant courtyard

Thanks to up to 20 fresh colour combinations Fermob furniture allows for an individual design: from a café in a subtle Scandinavian style to a bright, Mediterranean holiday ambience, Fermob offers robust and stylish furnishing solutions for indoor and outdoor catering. In addition, the individual collections with coordinated furniture, in combination with Fermob lights and accessories, guarantee a harmonious overall picture. The most popular Fermob outdoor furniture in the catering industry includes the Bistro folding table, the Bistro folding chair and the Bistro bar stool.

Bistro tables combined with Luxembourg chairs

Folding garden furniture from the Bistro collection

What does ‘Fermob’ actually mean?

The manufacturer of iron garden furniture for patios and gardens was originally called Société Ségéral (after the family name of the founders) and was renamed Fermob when it was taken over in 1977. This means iron furniture: Fer (for iron) + Mobilier (for furniture) = Fermob.

What makes Fermob garden furniture so special?

Fermob furniture is characterised by its outstanding quality and iconic design. But not just, some further reasons why Fermob is the best choice for outdoor furniture:

Versatility and comfort

The diverse Fermob product range offers the right solution for every taste and need: regardless of whether it is stylish chairs, comfortable lounge furniture or practical tables.

Luxembourg Lounge Chair

Colourful design

With a wide range of vibrant colours and elegant designs Fermob furniture add a touch of French flair and character to any outdoor space.

As green as fresh pesto, the Bellevie collection

Excellent quality

Starting with the raw materials, welding seams, painting, assembly and connections, all Fermob garden furniture, accessories and lights are subject to strict quality controls at all stages of production. Fermob only uses high-quality materials such as aluminium, steel and environmentally friendly coatings that ensure robustness, longevity and resistance to the elements.

Quality down to the smallest detail: Balad Mini lights in a set of 3

Fermob and Sustainability

Sustainable practices and environmental responsibility are at the heart of Fermob. In order to minimise environmental impact Fermob relies on environmentally friendly production processes and recyclable materials.

Resources and energy are used sparingly and efforts are continually made to reduce consumption. Global recycling systems for metals such as aluminium and steel as well as a recycled content of 98% ensure resource-saving production.

Fermob uses solvent-free paints that are applied in emission-free powder coating processes. These paints not only offer UV protection for a long service life and colour intensity, but are also guaranteed to be healthy for employees and customers.

In context of textiles Fermob strives for complete recycling while ensuring comfort, tear resistance and long-term shape retention. A special treatment against mould and UV radiation preserves the freshness and radiance of the colours, so that Fermob fans can enjoy their Fermob furniture year after year.