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AJ Bankers Wall Clock
AJ Station Wall Clock
AJ Roman Table Clock
AJ City Hall Wall Clock
AJ LK Table Clock
AJ Bankers Table Clock
AJ Roman Wall Clock
AJ Station Table Clock
AJ City Hall Bordur Tischuhr

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The AJ Clocks

AJ LK Clock was originally designed by Arne Jacobsen for a Copenhagen luxury hotel

Founded in 1984 as Rosendahl A/S by Erik Rosendahl, the company has undergone a unique development: The original agency is now one of the leading Danish manufacturers of home design and tableware design. Rosendahl products are developed to high quality standards and in collaboration with leading designers, whereby the focus of the company is on the one hand on the development of new durable designs, on the other Rosendahl is specialised in rediscovering design classics. In this context Rosendahl Group unites several design brands covering a wide range with crockery, accessories, cutlery and much more. With the Arne Jacobsen Clocks - clocks for which Rosendahl has the exclusive production licenses - the company relaunches classic clock designs by the Danish design legend Arne Jacobsen. Jacobsen originally designed clocks for the most important buildings in Denmark, such as the Roman Clock for the Town Hall in Aarhus (1942), the City Hall Clock for the Town Hall Rodøvre (1956) and the Bankers Clock for the National Bank of Denmark (1971). Today they are faithfully re-applied in first-class quality and a range of versions by Rosendahl.

Arne Jacobsen Table Clock

AJ Table Clock City Hall

AJ City Hall Wall Clock from Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen Table Clock

AJ Bankers Wall Clock

Arne Jacobsen Wall Clock Roman