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Eiermann Table
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Eiermann 1 Table Frame
Eiermann 3 Trestle (Set of 2)
S 285/1 - S 285/2
HiLow 3
HiLow 2
USM Haller Table Plus
USM Haller Desktop on Castors Type 2
USM Haller Table Advanced
Eiermann Table - Limited Edition
Special Edition
Copenhague Desk CPH90
Compas Direction
S 1200
S 285/0
Base Table
Oblique Desk K2D
S 285
Ongo Spark
Pyramid Table 01
Rail Desk
Flatmate secretary LED
Sushi Dining Table
Loop Desk
Maki Dining Table
Workout wall secretary
Georg Wall Table
Plane Secretary
Butch - The Wild Bunch
PS07 Secretary
String System Work Desk
70/70 Table
PS04/PS05 Secretary
Kant Desk
Linear Wood Table
USM Haller Desktop on Castors Type 1
Nori dining table
Eiermann 1 Conference Table
M1 Table
Spanoto Black
Studio Fact Home
Level Lift Pure
D1 Secretary

Designer desks and secretaries - timeless, elegant and functional

Our selection of designer desks and secretaries combines outstanding functionality with simple beauty, a natural look and first-class workmanship. Designer desks in design from manufacturers such as Muuto, Hay, Richard Lampert, Thonet or Müller Small Living not only function as practical work surfaces, but are also always an aesthetic statement that enriches and enhances any room. Depending on whether the focus is on design, functionality or specific table materials, you will find the right piece of furniture in the smow designer desk guide.


Not only popular amongst architects: the Eiermann desk/table from Richard Lampert

Designer Desk Characteristics: Minimalist aesthetics and natural materials

The Scandinavian aesthetic is characterized by a minimalist, reduced design language that emerged from the design tradition of classic modernism of the 20th century. The design of our desks from Scandinavia also convinces with the absence of unnecessary frills and a concentration on the essentials - two characteristics that always determine the quality of the work that is done at the desk.

The use of natural materials such as wood in combination with muted, restrained colours and clear lines is also typically Scandinavian. Designer desks and secretaries such as the D1 secretary from Andersen or the Pyramid Table 01 from Hay therefore have a particularly clear and homely look and allow you to relax and concentrate on your work.

Scandinavian designer desks compliment different interior design styles

Another advantage of Scandinavian desks is their versatility: their simple elegance allows them to fit seamlessly into different furnishing styles without losing any of their character. Whether at home or in the office such desks subtly refine the interior and help create a harmonious and focused atmosphere.

Hay CPH 90 desk

Andersen D1 secretary

Design classic for demanding workplaces

The design classics among desks are not only functional pieces of furniture, but also timeless symbols of excellent and intelligent design, manufactured according to the original designs and always in first-class quality. As key works in contemporary design history designer desks such as the Thonet Bauhaus desk S 285 by Marcel Breuer or the legendary Eiermann table by Egon Eiermann have a special place and embody the most innovative approaches of their time and have rightly established new standards in the field of design.

A design classic desk gives any workspace an aura of sophistication and reminds us that form and function ideally complement each other. These desks are always sources of inspiration with the aid of which you can transform the workplace into a location for creativity and success. Give your work area timeless elegance and a special quality with a design classic desk or Secretary from Thonet, Tecta or Richard Lampert!

Space-saving desks for small rooms at home or in the office

Desks specially designed for small spaces in the home office or office offer the perfect solution for limited space without compromising functionality and style. Thanks to clever designs and optimised use of available space, they provide for an efficient work surface that fits seamlessly into your surroundings. The absolute specialist in space-saving furniture designs is the furniture manufacturer Müller Small Living who offer with the Plane Secretary and the Flatmate Secretary two objects that combine optimal use of space in reduced dimensions with minimal material expenditure.

Small yet expressive: The Flatbox secretary from Müller Small Living with integrated light

Optimisation of the work area when space is limited

When every square centimetre counts our space-saving desks are the answer. Our compact models have been designed with the aim of optimising the work area and making the best use of the available space. With thoughtful details and intelligent solutions they offer a comfortable working environment without wasting valuable space. The Müller Small Living Secretaries Flatbox and Flatmate, for example, have an integrated lamp, a socket and storage space on the side.

Particularly creative desk solutions for compact offices and living spaces

Creative solutions are required when it comes to compact offices and living spaces. Our space-saving desks go beyond conventional ideas and offer unique solutions to your space problems, from folding designs to wall-mounted options like Müller Small Living's wall-mounted secretaries, these desks prove that functionality and style are possible even in limited spaces. The Pixel furniture set from Bene, for example, is particularly versatile and flexible, as individual modules can be freely arranged.

The S 285 from Thonet

Eiermann Table from Richard Lampert

The correct size and height of your desk - some important points to consider!

Correct sitting posture at work is crucial for well-being and performance. In addition to an ergonomic office chair, the correct height and size of the desk are therefore basic requirements for ergonomic and concentrated work.

The optimal desk height

The correct desk height is a decisive factor when purchasing a desk: the incorrect height can lead to physical ailments such as back pain, neck strain and even long-term health problems. The ideal desk height depends on your individual body size and sitting position: ideally, the desk should be adjusted so that the upper arms are parallel to the floor and the forearms form a 90-degree angle at the elbow when using the keyboard.

Wrists should be in a neutral position to minimize strain. As a rule, the height of a conventional desk is around 72 centimetres. To ensure an ergonomically favourable sitting posture, the height of the desk chair should be adjusted accordingly. In some cases, the use of a footrest can also be helpful to achieve optimal positioning.

Height-adjustable desks

A height-adjustable desk is an excellent option as it allows the height to be adjusted depending on your height, working position and needs. The exact adjustment of the desk height to the individual body structure ultimately helps to promote a healthy and comfortable way of working and prevent potential health problems. Height-adjustable desks like the Hilow 2 can be straightforwardly adjusted electronically and thereby used as a standing or sitting workstation.

Height-adjustable desk Hilow 2 from Montana

The correct desk size

The correct desk size is crucial for an efficient work environment. The work surface should provide enough space for materials while maintaining freedom of movement; whereby crucial is what work is to be done at the desk and how much stress is placed on the workplace. Before you buy, clarify how much space your computer or laptop and desk lamp will take up. The length of the desk should comfortably accommodate your work utensils, while the width depends on your individual work requirements. If you only work on a computer, your desk may be narrower than if you also need books and notes for work. And always remember to have enough storage space to keep things tidy. You can conveniently store your work materials on shelves, trays and compact containers around the desk.

Office desk features to increase your efficiency

Contemporary office desks offer a number of innovative features and intelligently detailed solutions that can help increase your efficiency in the workplace, help you make optimal use of your working environment and increase your productivity, including, for example, special storage space solutions and the seamless integration of technology and accessories.

Smart storage solutions for an organised work environment

A tidy workplace contributes significantly to efficiency. Our office desks offer smart storage solutions to help you stay organised with everything you need close at hand. Discover clever drawers, compartments and shelves that allow you to store your work materials in an organized manner and therefore work more productively. The USM Haller desk on wheels, for example, can not only be easily moved but also has practical pull-out drawers and various compartments. The Kant desk by Nils Holger Moormann offers a particularly original storage space solution: the fold in the back of the desk top serves as a practical storage space element.

Storage space and lasting design: USM Haller table Advanced with cable tray and 2 adaptation points for lamp or screen

Cable management and technology integration

Integrating technology into the workplace is essential these days, therefore many contemporary office desks are equipped with advanced cable management that prevents cable clutter and aesthetics. Pioneers in the seamless integration of technology are the USM desks USM Haller table Plus and USM Haller table Advanced, which have intelligent adaptation points for technical accessories and smart cable routing.

Kant desk from Moormann

USM Haller Advanced with cable trough

Which material for my designer desk?

Choosing the appropriate material for your designer desk can have a significant impact on the overall look and functionality of the workspace. Wood, metal, glass and composite materials are common options, each offering their own benefits.

Wooden desks

Wood gives a desk a timeless charm and a warm atmosphere. Depending on the type of wood and surface treatment wooden desks can develop their own unique character. When it comes to care, the manufacturer's instructions should be followed. It is usually sufficient to occasionally treat wooden surfaces with a suitable care product or oil.

Tecta Oblique K2D desk

Metal desks

Metal gives a desk a modern, industrial look and is particularly robust. Metal base frames are often combined with wooden or composite table tops. Desks from Thonet or Tecta in the Bauhaus style with frames made of tubular steel are particularly elegant.

Desks made from modern composite materials

Composite materials such as MDF are also high quality, require little maintenance and are offered in a variety of surface finishes. Manufacturers such as Nils Holger Moormann or Müller Small Living rely on high-quality plywood with different coatings that guarantee longevity and a pleasant feel.

When choosing the material you should consider not only the aesthetic aspect but also its longevity, ease of care and type of use. Each material has its own characteristics that can impact the comfort and functionality of your designer desk.

The classic Thonet S 285/1 from Marcel Breuer

A Brief History of the Desk

From humble beginnings in ancient civilizations to modern ergonomics, the history of the desk is a fascinating journey through the evolution of the workplace. Originally designed as simple tables for storing writing materials, and reserved for those deemed important, the desk began to establish itself as a functional piece of furniture in the workplace at the beginning of the 20th century. The desk designs by Marcel Breuer for Thonet were pioneers here. Contemporary desk design reflects the changes in work culture, formal expressions and technology since the beginning of the 20th century and tells the impact of social influences and innovations on the way we work.

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