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USM Haller Table
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USM Haller Table Advanced
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USM Haller Desks

USM Haller for the Home Office

USM Haller modular furniture system

Fritz Haller laid the foundation stone for the USM Haller modular furniture system in 1960: the then USM managing director Paul Schärer commissioned the architect to firstly build and subsequently furnish the new administrative buildings for the Swiss company. True to the principle of "form follows function", Haller and Schärer developed a simple, but all the more sophisticated construction system of tubular steel structures, connectors and metal trays which has gone on to become a genuine design classic and today belongs to the permanent collections of numerous important museums such as the reowned MoMA New York. Although the demand for USM furniture shows no sign of ebbing, the company is by no means resting on its laurels, but rather is responding with innovative ideas such as the USM Haller E System with clever LED technology to meet new requirements and needs.

Planning offices with USM

Plan and furnish offices with USM

Almost limitless modularity, practical storage space, timeless design: the Swiss manufacturer quickly took on a pioneering role, especially in the office area. For decades, large law firms, medical practices and many other industries have been relying on USM office furniture and equipping their premises with open or lockable filing cabinets, flexible mobile containers and representative reception counters. In addition to classic companies, dynamic start-ups and young companies from the creative industry have long since discovered USM design classics for themselves. USM furniture can be planned with the smow USM configurator according to your individual requirements and can be reconfigured again and again as required, so it grows with you, and can thus react flexibly and easily to spatial or economic changes. Thanks to its inherent flexibility, entire offices, departments or companies can also be furnished with USM: Our smow USM experts in the online shop and at our Germany-wide stores will be happy to assist you with the planning until implementation.

USM Haller table and filing cabinet

USM table for work and home

USM Haller furniture in domestic spaces

Although USM Haller furniture was originally designed as office furniture, it has long since established itself in domestic arenas. The classic USM Sideboard, USM shelving or the USM side table adorn numerous living rooms and bedrooms and offer not only practical storage space for books, records or clothing, but also delight their owners with their timeless design and clear design language. Thanks to their modular character, USM furniture can be adapted to various spatial conditions and individual needs and - from the kitchen counter to the cloakroom to the children's furniture - always allow for the ideal furnishing solution.

USM Haller tables in the home

USM Haller desks for office and home office

If you don't want to do without a comfortable workstation in your home office, you are guaranteed to find the right model among the USM Haller desks. In keeping with the USM furniture system, USM desks are extremely flexible and offer plenty of space for an efficient workflow. In addition to the classic USM Haller Table, the Swiss manufacturer offers other products such as the USM Haller Table Advanced with a sliding table top and adaptation points for all kinds of accessories. If you want it to be particularly flexible, USM has desks on casters in its range that can easily change locations as required. In open-plan offices or work environments with changing staff, the height-adjustable USM Kitos tables are ideally suited, and, like many other USM desks, are available with a range of optional extras such as cable guides, lamp fitting points or USB connections.

USM Haller Table Plus

Make it Your Home (2019)

Make it Your Workspace (2019)

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