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Three scales for the home office with USM Haller: Mini, Midi, Maxi

Mini, Midi or Maxi: How much space do I have for a workplace at home? A Niche, a work corner, a wall surface or a dedicated room? What are my demands in terms of space, technology, privacy and design? Do I want all devices to be neatly stowed away without unsightly wires? Should the walls of the units contain a full or semi-transparent area for daylight?

We present here three different furnishing scenarios employing coloured USM Haller desk-shelf combinations which enable not only concentrated work but an expanding of existing interior design.

Home office with limited space: The small USM Haller work corner for the hallway, living room or kitchen

Do you lack space for an extensive work area at home? Instead of your own office at home do you only have a narrow free wall for working on your laptop in the living room, bedroom or in a narrow passage room?

Our tip: a USM Haller Mini home office – a one piece solution featuring space for laptop and chair, suitable for compact spaces and which can be moved if necessary.

In addition it can be quickly stowed or folded away, but still has storage space for small work utensils while enabling a quick switching between the kitchen, sofa, living room, wherever: writing surfaces, chairs and compartments can be pushed together with little effort - the work disappears.

What does not disappear is the style that USM Haller furniture brings to the domestic area. At the same time, the office combinations presented here consisting of table, shelf and mobile container in striking colours set an accent that stands out from subtle living materials and colours such as fabric, wood and pastel.

The following space-saving home office furniture components are suitable for a compact work niche that takes up little space in any home:

Model Mini Home Office Solutions

In golden yellow: 1.19 m maximum width with drawers, extension writing surface and space for a monitor above and a stool below (model 01)

In green: 1.54 m maximum width featuring a highboard with a writing surface that can be folded out and folded away for short work on the laptop. With shelves and drawers (model 02)

Tips for Mini home office corners

Partially open XL highboard with plant shelf and extension writing surface: the Series 7 chair by Fritz Hansen, which transforms into a kitchen chair after work, matches particularly well

Blue filing cabinet with a drop-down door in the middle compartment, which can be employed as a small desk surface (compact dimensions: 78 cm wide, 38 cm deep)

USM Haller home office solutions with space for a desktop PC and room divider

You have created a living room corner workplace and value a solid desk for a desktop PC? The shelving wall should also partly serve as a partition from the rest of the room?

Our tip for the USM Haller Midi home office: An L-shaped work area and therefore easier to integrate into living areas that have been freed up – with a large desk surface and space for a desktop PC and printer devices.

The middle ground between a mini work corner and a fully equipped home office room is the compact L-shaped furniture variant with a complete desk and plenty of storage space with shelves or highboards. And particularly functional: the high shelving units serve as room dividers, while the elements with glass inserts let light through and allow visual contact with the rest of the space

For more order: The USM Haller Desk Plus can be ordered with USB ports, monitor supports or lamp sockets and cut-outs for tidy cabling.

Model Midi Home Office Solutions

High shelving with rear walls and glass shelves for a mixture of transparency and privacy when working (model 06)

USM Haller desk with red pedestal and half-open shelf for printers and files (model 05) – the Aluminium Chair EA 108 from Vitra is an excellent match

Tips for for medium-sized home office corners

USM Haller mobile pedestal (type 1), plant shelving unit adapted to a sloping space, height-adjustable USM Kitos E table and a Fiber Swivel Chair from Muuto

Closed sideboard in white, which can be expanded vertically if required, with a desk extension and a Saarinen Tulip Chair

Home office furniture for the designer study with plenty of storage space, privacy and room for two

Do you want to concentrate on your work and close the office door after work? Need space for a second PC? Or would you like to set up a meeting corner for external visitors that does not allow a view of the desk?

Our tip: If you work from home regularly and can accommodate the entire home office in your own study, you can put together a large USM Haller home office combination of shelving, desk and mobile pedestal. This complete home office set-up is also suitable for (physio)therapists who have their own treatment room at home.

Model Maxi Home Office Solutions

Two filing cabinets combined in an L-shape as a room divider for a lot of privacy, generous writing surface with the USM Haller table (model 09), the Vitra Aluminium Chair EA 108 as a logical extension

Elegant USM work wall with pull-outs and work surface in graphite black for the two-person office at home (model 15), can be combined with narrow stools or ergonomic swivel chairs

Tips for for a Maxi home office

XXL shelving with different compartment sizes, plant compartments, fixed back wall and an inlet for the USM Haller desk

Filing cabinet with USM accessories and plenty of space for large architect drawings, USM Kitos table with compact Allstar desk chair from Vitra

Feeling inspired and wanting to create your own USM Haller home office solution?

Some of the home office combinations presented here are fully configured in the smow online shop and can be bought online, other combinations were designed digitally and either serve as inspiration or can be planned in a local smow store or ordered directly by email:

► Option 1: Download Home office solution examples as PDF and choose one of the 16 combinations.
► Option 2: Find one of the smow locations throughout Germany & Switzerland with USM professionals or place an order directly by email with the desired furniture combination model number