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USM Haller Highboard for Kids with 1 Drop-down Door
USM Haller Lowboard for Kids
USM Haller Mobile Pedestal for Kids
USM Haller Mobile Desk for Kids
USM Haller Sideboard for Kids

USM Haller Children's Furniture

USM Haller Mobile Pedestal for Kids in a waiting room

The USM Haller Children's Mobile Pedestal in USM Green

Design for the children's room

The USM Haller modular furniture system is no longer reserved for the office, but is also increasingly found in domestic areas. Not least in the nursery where USM Haller furniture can be adapted to the individual needs of the child or the children and even grow with him, making the durable USM children's furniture not only short-term furnishings, but a long-term companion of the child, which can accompany them well into adulthood. The USM Haller children's furniture offers plenty of storage space and thus ensures order in the nursery. Their size is adapted to the needs of the child and can be configured accordingly and colour is offered a wide selection. The metal shelves of the furniture can also be replaced over the years, if you want a new colour. The partly mobile furniture is sturdy, easy to clean and offers space for everything a child's heart desires. The colourful children's furniture, which is made in the characteristic modular principle and can be individually adapted, impresses above all with their modularity and their timeless character, characteristics which mean they can accompany children and adults throughout their lives.

Set up children's rooms with the USM configurator

The variety of USM Haller children's furniture

USM Haller Kid's Mobile Pedestal in Gentian Blue

The USM Haller Children's Mobile Pedestal

The USM Haller Children's Mobile Pedestal, designed and developed by Fritz Haller and Paul Schärer, offers plenty of storage space and is a practical organising aid for every nursery. It was developed especially for children, but still convinces with the usual USM Haller qualities. Available in the 14 USM colours, the USM Haller children mobile pedestal is powder coated and partly chrome plated. Thanks to castors, the sturdy roll container can be easily moved: depending on requirements, it is available with rolls for hard or carpeted floors and in two different sizes, so that - typically USM Haller - no individual wishes remain open.

The USM Haller Mobile Desk for Kids

The Mobile Desk for Kids from USM Haller is ideal for painting, for homework, but also for play and easy storage. Two of its six wheels are lockable, which makes the furniture very flexible. The side on which the compartment is located, can be selected flexibly, so that the table meets the individual needs of the child. You can choose between the 14 USM colours and in addition, the practical combination of desk and storage furniture is available in single or multi-colour and thus sets colourful accents in the nursery.

The USM Haller Mobile Desk for Kids in pure orange and ruby red

The USM Haller Sideboard for Kids

The USM Haller Sideboard for Kids

The USM Haller Sideboard for Kids offers plenty of space and makes it easy to keep the children's room tidy. It is equipped with eight compartments, four of which have drop-down-doors. The furniture can be extended as needed and so grows with the child and its requirements. The sideboard is available in monotone or in colourful variants and can be individually configured in typical USM style.

USM Haller Highboard for Kids

Also the USM Haller Highboard for Kids is a genuine master of order. Two of its three compartments are open, the bottom one is equipped with a drop-down door. The highboard is made of powder coated metal, chrome plated steel and brass ball elements, making it not only sturdy and durable, but also easy to clean. The shelf is available in any of the 14 USM standard colours, but can be individually configured to suit the child's needs, making it a bespoke piece of furniture for the nursery. With longevity, timeless design and the ability to expand the furniture, the USM Haller Children's Highboard grows with you and can remain faithful and practical companion until adulthood.

The USM Haller Highboard in yellow

The USM Haller Lowboard for Kids

The USM Haller Lowboard for Kids by Fritz Haller and Paul Schärer is a practical storage furniture and offers plenty of room for everything that needs to be stowed away in a nursery to free up so much space to play. The lowboard is equipped with four compartments and is available in solid colours in the 14 USM standard colours as well as in a multicoloured version. The compartments of the USM Haller children's lowboard are equipped with practical drop down doors, thus reinforcing the order effect of the functional and solid furniture, which is also easy to clean, making it ideal for any child.

A multicoloured USM Haller Lowboard for Kids

Design & Production

The architect Fritz Haller designed the USM modular furniture system in 1963; and a concept which has not only become a classic in the workplace, but also in the living area. As early as the 1970s, USM stood for flexibility, which is especially important in children's furniture. Based on the modular principle, USM furniture consists of only three elements: metal tubing forms a structure whose segments are connected by small chrome plated brass balls and shelves and are all filled in by panels of metal or glass. With this simple system, furniture can be individually planned and even subsequently changed and expanded as and if required. All metal parts for USM Haller furniture are manufactured in Münsingen, Switzerland, and the powder coated metal panels are subsequently painted in an environmentally friendly manner, and one which makes them particularly resistant. From its very origins USM Haller furniture was sustainable, utilising, for example, short transport routes and volumes, but above all, thanks to the individually configurable module character. The versatility of the designs and their high quality allowing long-term use. The practical furniture construction system is an absolute design classic and can also be found in its children's variants in numerous exhibitions, such as the MoMA New York.