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USM Haller Clothes Rack M with Rail, Model I
USM Haller Wardrobe Model I
USM Haller Clothes Rack/Bench
USM Haller Clothes Rack M with Rail, Model II
USM Haller E Clothes Rack XL with Lighting
USM Haller Clothes Rack L with 2 Hanging Rails
USM Haller Clothes Rack L with Rail
USM Haller Wardrobe Model II

Can't find a suitable USM solution? For an individual configuration use the smow USM Configurator, contact our USM Service Team on 0341 22228811 or arrange an appointment with the USM specialists in your local smow Store.

Personalise your lobby and entrance hall

The customisable USM Haller coat racks and clothes racks can be adapted to meet your individual needs

Thanks to their versatile configuration options USM Haller coat and clothes racks fit effortlessly into any lobby or entrance hall. Depending on what and how much you need to store, you can precisely configure USM furniture to meet your individual requirements: be that a pure shoe rack, a bench or complete wardrobe. Decide for yourself how many clothes rails, drop-down doors or drawers you would like and how many compartments you need for your coats, shoes, hats and bags. To compliment the interior design of your hallway or entrance area, you can choose from numerous USM Haller colours and, with the help of our USM consultants, put together the wardrobe that not only matches your requirements practically and visually! And should you want to enlarge or change your USM wardrobe, be it due to new, larger premises or increased space requirements, the modular USM system can be adapted to the new situation.

You decide what your wardrobe should be able to do, and configure it accordingly

Whether at home or in the office - the practical USM Haller coat racks meet all requirements

No matter what your personal interior style...

... there is something for everyone in the USM Haller colours pallet

Whether at home, in the clinic, office, restaurant or shop - USM Haller coat and clothes racks make an impression: and with USM Haller E, you can integrate lighting, making your USM wardrobe not a practical storage space, but a feature of any space. And no matter what purpose you choose for a USM Haller unit, one thing is certain: they are timeless and a long-term investment. Not only is USM furniture sturdy and easy to care for, but its inherent modularity means that as your needs change, your USM wardrobe changes with them.

With the ingenious USM Haller E lighting, your wardrobe becomes a showcase and your treasures works of art

For decades the classic USM Haller design has been timelessly contemporary

Design your USM wardrobe for your needs

USM shelf with clothes rail, lighting and plant decoration

Discover many more USM wardrobe solutions in the brochure (download ca. 5,0 MB).