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USM adapts to the demands of life

USM Haller furniture is based on a modular system that enables each USM Haller unit to be converted, expanded or reduced as and when required. Which sets USM far ahead of most manufacturers when it comes to sustainability: instead of buying new furniture when the old ones have served their purpose, USM Haller furniture can be flexibly adapted. The excellent quality of workmanship and materials, as well as colours that never fade, mean even decades-old USM Haller units to be expanded with new parts. Endless design possibilities meet almost infinite usage cycles.

A USM Haller conversion service near you

Our smow stores offer USM conversion services in your area. Our expert teams are currently available to you in the 20 smow stores throughout Germany to help you realise your new ideal USM furniture object, including assisting with planning, assembly or delivery services. Let us help you customize your USM furniture. Contact a smow store near you!

Rethink, redesign, revalue: USM Haller furniture adapts to changes

Thanks to the intelligent and simple construction principle the USM furniture system is highly adapatable. With USM, you don't just buy a piece of furniture - you buy a limitlessly adaptable, modular system that grows with you. The USM professionals from smow are at your side and can help you match your furniture perfectly to your surroundings an your needs - our trained specialists in advice, delivery and installation will provide you with professional support every step of the way.

The possible motivations for converting or expanding an existing USM Haller unit are numerous: as your book, record or object collection grows, the need for storage space also changes over time. Converting or expanding a USM shelf makes it easy to adapt your storage space to current needs.

Your USM Haller units adapts to life

A classic reason for remodelling a USM unit is moving, as a new house may place completely new requirements on the furniture making it necessary to adapt a USM unit to the new room conditions. With System USM Haller it is, for example, possible to turn a USM Haller sideboard into a USM Haller lowboard, which then fits perfectly on the wall under the sloping ceiling in the new bedroom.

USM Haller furniture = flexible: Before and after examples

Before: closed sideboard

After: spacious shelving

Before: open sideboard

After: wardrobe

From the living room into the hallway

A USM Haller living room unit can easily be converted into a stylish piece of furniture or a wardrobe for the hallway. To achieve this our assembly professionals combine several shelf modules to create a narrow and functional console. As a lowboard or highboard, this console can serve as a storage space for keys, mail, bags and other classic hallway items. To create even more storage space for small utensils in the hallway, additional drawer modules can be added. This transforms your living room unit into a functional and aesthetic contribution to organising the entrance area.

It is also possible to turn a USM Haller bookcase into a USM Haller wardrobe: To do this, two shelves are removed and a clothes rail is inserted in their place: an elegant, spacious USM Haller wardrobe for the hallway with no fuss.

From the home office to the bedroom

Are you spending more time in the office again and working less from home? A USM Haller filing shelf or rolling container can easily be transformed into an elegant piece of furniture for the bedroom. One approach would be to convert the shelf into a bedroom dresser by reconfiguring the basic structure and adding drawer modules, thereby giving you sufficient storage space for clothing, bed linen and personal items. Alternatively, a USM Haller roll container makes a perfect bedside table with levelling feet instead of wheels.

From chest of drawers to multi-media unit

Do you have a new chest of drawers that takes on the function of your USM Haller sideboard? By arranging the modules of your sideboard next to each other or on top of each other, you can turn a sideboard into a multi-media unit for the study or the living room.

Unimagined possibilities and sophisticated functions with USM Haller accessories

In addition to the extension or complete conversion of your exisitig USM Haller unit you can also retrofit a wide range of USM Haller accessories which bring new functionalities to the exisiting:

Adding Doors:

To protect your collection of books or objects from dust or curious fingers you can retrofit your USM Haller unit with doors, with or without a lock. Glass doors are also available should you wish to display your collection.

Integration of lighting:

USM Haller E-shelves, in which the power supply is already integrated, can be expanded with USM Haller E-lights or practical USB charging stations. Your USM Haller shelf is thus transformed into an elegant showcase with effective lighting and a smart charging station. The USM Haller E lights are available in warm white and cool white and, thanks to the dimming function, create a particularly atmospheric atmosphere.

From sideboard to unit - with professional planning and assembly, child's play

Functional additions:

USM Haller offers numerous accessories for organisation, especially in the office and study: Individual componenets such as the various Inos material inserts for drawers create perfect order for different requirements in no time. Additions such as the USM Haller security screen, cable channels or the leather cover for USM Haller make it possible to adapt USM Haller furniture to individual needs. Leveling feet can also be replaced with casters, which provides extra flexibility through movement.

Multifunctional use:

Transform your USM Haller unit into a room divider by placing it freely in the room and making it accessible from both sides to create separate living areas. Greening USM Haller furniture is now possible: With USM Haller World of Pants elements that can be equipped with plant pots can also be integrated in existing USM counters, shelves and sideboards.


smow service: Assembly and conversion of USM furniture

Flexibility is the key word in today's living and working world. The USM furniture construction systems stand for quality and longevity on the one hand, and for modularity and flexibility on the other. A System USM Haller unit can accompany the development of your office or living room for decades and still always meet current requirements. Through conversions, subsequent purchases or new installations, new combinations can always be created or existing systems modified.

Professional assembly and conversion by trained technicians

As the USM Haller furniture construction system consists of over 2,000 individual parts any modifications should only be carried out by specialized personnel. With the help of our technicians, who have the necessary tools, years of experience, craftsmanship and appropriate specialist knowledge, you can avoid damage to the furniture due to improper work.

Do you need help converting, dismantling, expanding or moving your USM unit? Would you like to turn two small USM shelves into one large one? Or would you like to divide your USM filing shelf vertically or horizontally? We can support you friendly and reliably at every step. And through our trained fitters we guarantee professionally correct procedures and the timely completion of your USM installation. Contact the specialist advisors directly in our local smow stores.

Tighten the USM Connector through the tube

Place the prefabricated frame on the USM tubes

Conversion from sideboard to unit

... for more storage space

USM assembly tutorials

Learn how to carry out less complex installations such as replacing shelves or attaching a USM lock handle yourself with our YouTube tutorials:

USM Haller project planning

With our many years of experience in the areas of property planning and interior design, smow can support you in implementing creative ideas and complex solutions. Whether it's a workstation in the home office, office space or complete object design and furnishing - at smow we take care of the conceptual planning and design according to your individual requirements and also advise you on the redesign of existing USM furniture.

With its modular furniture construction system, USM Haller offers tailor-made concepts for all industries - from law firm to start-ups. We would be happy to advise you on planning your individual office furnishings with USM, offer you target/actual analyses, cost and budget estimates as well as planning services taking current standards and regulations into account. Simply contact our planning department or one of our local smow stores for personal advice.

Office furnishings with USM from smow Stuttgart

A medical practice planned by smow Chemnitz