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USM Inos Box Set C4 for USM Haller Shelves
New colours
USM Haller Panel With Cable Cut-Out
USM Adjustable glide for USM Haller Shelves (Set of 4)
USM Castor for USM Haller System
USM Haller Metal Divider Shelf for USM Haller Shelves
USM Haller Cable Grid for USM Haller Table
USM Cable Duct for USM Haller Table
USM Lamp Peg for USM Haller Table
USM Metal Box Insert for USM Haller Extension Door
USM Inos CD-Support Tray for USM Haller Extension Shelf
USM Multiplug DE for USM Haller Table
USM Cable Cut-Out for USM Haller Shelves
USM Lock for Drop-Down or Extension Doors, with 2 Keys
USM CPU Holder for USM Haller Table
USM Flat Screen Support Arm for USM Haller Table
USM Spacer Rings 20mm for USM Haller Table Leg (Set of 4)
USM Anti-slip Coasters for USM Haller Table Legs (Set of 4)
USM Haller Colour Fan
USM Inos Filing Frame for USM Haller Extension Shelf
USM Inos Sloping Trays for A6 Drawers (Mobile Pedestal)
USM Metal Waste Basket
USM Care Kit for USM Haller Table Wood
USM USB Adapter with Cable for USM Haller Table
USM Cable Guide for USM Haller Table Leg
USM Bookend Magnetic for USM Haller Shelves
USM Haller Steerable Twin Castor for USM Haller System
USM Inos Lid/Tray
USM Care Cloth for USM Haller Shelf
USM Cable Guide for USM Haller Shelves
USM Inos Box with Partition + Lid
USM Haller Hanging Rail
USM Flat Screen Swing Arm for USM Haller Table
USM Inos Box
Felt Coasters for USM Haller Shelf
USM Adjustable glide (small) for USM Haller Shelves (Set of 4)
USM Haller Security Screen
USM Reinforcing Profile for USM Haller Panels
Leather Overlay for USM Haller
USM Wall Anchoring for USM Haller Shelves (Set of 2)
USM Haller e-Light
USM Privacy Panels Table Screen

USM Haller Accessories

USM Inos

The USM Inos collection features numerous accessories to supplement and extend the USM Haller modular furniture system, including the USM Inos Boxes, which are available in various sizes, all precisely matched to the sizes of the USM Sideboards and filing cabinets, and which offer storage space for all manner of objects, the moveable internal walls allowing for further, practical, internal division. In order to protect the furniture, the USM boxes are made of polyester fleece.

Magnetic USM bookrest

The USM Inos Box Sets C4 or CD inserts are ideal for storing documents or CDs both in the office and in the private domestic space. The USM storage accessory is available in a range of sizes and can be left open or closed, depending on the confidentiality of the documents. The USM inserts for drawers in A6 format, for example for the USM mobile pedestal, are not only particularly practical but ensure more order in the work area.

USM Haller Pivoting Pen Holder

Practical storage solution: USM Inos Boxes

USM Accessories for the Office

The USM Haller office accessories optimally complement any workplace and ensure that all important utensils are always at hand. With, for example, the cable trough, which was specially developed for USM Haller desks and for the Plus and Advanced tables, cables can be optimally guided and hidden. In addition to the USM Cable Trough or the USM Cable Guide a practical accessory is the USM USB Adapter which can be integrated into the table and used to load Smartphones, laptops or other electronic devices. USM has also considered lighting and found suitable solutions: for example, a Tolomeo Tavolo Table Lamp from Artemide can be fixed to the table base or to the adaptation point; while thanks to the well thought-out and innovative USM Haller E system, electricity can be fed through the structure and directed to the desired location, making it thereby possible to illuminate desired areas of a USM unit. Furthermore, the USM support and swivel arm for flat screens and the USM Haller CPU Holder are particularly practical. In the field of acoustic solutions, the USM Privacy Panels are available, which can be used to shield certain work areas. Just as versatile and comprehensive as the USM furniture system are its accessories, which enable comfortable working thanks to sophisticated functions.

USM Haller Accessories

Among the USM accessories are numerous products for the living area, including the USM Bookends: thanks to their magnetic properties, the bookends stay in place and discreetly blend in with the minimalist design. The USM Mobile Pedestals are also very popular and are available with rollers or gliders as needed, and can also be reconfigured as required. Thanks to the USM smow how videos, nothing stands in the way of adding or extending the USM accessories. Or how to open the transport lock on your furniture: all USM furniture is equipped with a non-lockable handle as standard. Where, for example, in the case of sensitive documents a lock is required, these can also be supplied.
While to protect the surfaces Parkhaus Berlin provide special felt pads, which also give the classic USM furniture a cosy touch.

USM Inos Box Set for USM units

USM Assembly Videos