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String furniture shelving systems: hallway, bathroom & kitchen

String Pocket
String Kitchen
String System Shelf S
String System Shelf L
String Pocket Metal
String System Configurator
String System Coat Rack
String System Shelf M
String System Floor Shelf with Drawers
String Hallway
String Bathroom

Diverse combinations and creative solutions - the String shelving system

Not just a shelf - String is a modular system that can be used to set up any room in the house, including the kitchen or outdoor areas

Are you searching for an attractive bookshelf or a practical wall shelf for the kitchen? String shelves are part of the world-renowned modular String shelving system designed by Kajsa and Nils Nisse Strinning in 1949, and offer the right solution for every occasion.

Genial!: String shelf ideas

You can create entire String shelving walls with the floor ladders

The idea behind String is as simple as it is ingenious: wooden shelves are embedded in wall or floor ladders made of metal. String shelves can be freely configured and expanded as wall shelves or free-standing shelving units.

String study with built-in sliding doors

Have you considered a String kitchenette?

For those who do not plan their String shelf individually, the Swedish manufacturer offers numerous preconfigured String shelving systems in various sizes, materials and colours. In addition to the small String Pocket Shelves, there are numerous String System shelving and String Outdoor shelving options to choose from, which can also be supplemented at a later date with additional String elements and individual parts.

Simple, yet with a big effect: the String wall shelf

String System Bathroom

String System Bathroom


The basis of every String configuration is the side walls. Choose floor or wall ladders in different sizes and colour variants and complement the matching shelves. Many other elements, such as the wall cabinet with sliding doors or accessories such as hooks or a clothes rail, complete your individual String unit, be that for small or large living rooms, offices or hallways. Simply design your individual indoor or outdoor String shelving system in the String configurator and purchase directly online from smow. Open the String configurator now!

The String Configurator for individual shelving solutions