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Panton Chair
Eames Plastic Side Chair RE DSR Duotone
Eames Elephant
Tip Ton
Wire Chair LKR
Belleville Table Outdoor
Elephant Stool
Belleville Chair Outdoor
APC All Plastic Chair
Panton Junior
Bistro Table Outdoor
Landi Chair
Belleville Armchair Outdoor
Contract Table Outdoor
Metal Side Table Outdoor
Eames Plastic Side Chair RE DSR, Cotton white, Without upholstery, Without upholstery, Standard version - 43 cm, Coated basic dark
Eames Plastic Armchair RE LAR, Pale rose, Without upholstery, Chrome-plated
Eames Plastic Side Chair RE DSR, Deep black, Without upholstery, Without upholstery, Standard version - 43 cm, Coated basic dark
Wire Chair DKR , Powder-coated citron
Eames Plastic Armchair RE DAR, Pebble, Without upholstery, Without upholstery, Standard version - 43 cm, Coated basic dark
Eames Plastic Side Chair RE DSR, Ice grey, Without upholstery, Without upholstery, Standard version - 43 cm, Coated white
Wire Chair DKR , Powder-coated basic dark
Eames Plastic Side Chair RE LSR, Deep black, Without upholstery, Powder-coated basic dark

Vitra Outdoor: Timeless garden and patio furniture from Vitra - Not just for your outdoor area

As soon as the first rays of sunshine warm you in spring, the whole world moves outside. From now on leisure time takes place outdoors: if not on the lawn or a blanket in the park, then in chairs or armchairs in the garden, on the balcony or on a roof terrace. To add to the sunshine Vitra supply a selection of seating and tables attuned to the summer mood – the Vitra Outdoor Collection. And, typically Vitra, the Outdoor Collection includes design classics and contemporary designs in equal measure: whether the legendary Panton Chair made of plastic or the powder-coated DKR Wire Chair Outdoor by Ray and Charles Eames - with the Vitra Outdoor Collection, design fans can also sit outside in a stylish ambience.


Suitable for outdoor use: Eames Plastic Chairs DSR and DAR with powder-coated base frames

The Vitra Outdoor Collection includes various chair designs made from a variety of materials such as plastic or metal as well as numerous tables and side tables.

Belleville Armchair Outdoor

Belleville Table

These features define the quality of Vitra outdoor furniture

Outdoor dining with the elegant and easy-care Panton Chairs


Within the Vitra Outdoor Collection discover furniture design that captures spring: a fresh, varied colour palette meets simple, functional shapes. Vitra outdoor furniture transforms any outdoor area into a visual experience without pushing itself into the foreground. Elegant colours, surfaces and materials create an exciting interaction with plants, lawn and sunlight, but also with rustic materials such as concrete, natural stone or gravel. Create harmonious yet contrasting outdoor environments.


Stackable and space-saving: Vitra outdoor furniture not only makes an aesthetic statement, but is also consciously functionally designed. With stackable models, Vitra offers space-saving solutions for smaller outdoor areas and easy storage, and with seat shells such as those of the Landi chair, designs which prevent rainwater from collecting in the seat and therefore always offer dry seating comfort, even in unexpected showers.

Weight and handling:

Vitra outdoor furniture is light yet stable. They are designed to be flexible and easy to use. Simply take your Vitra outdoor furniture with you to the orchard behind the house or from the terrace onto the street. Vitra outdoor furniture can be easily arranged and used as needed.


Vitra outdoor furniture is made from durable materials: high-quality and sustainably produced plastics guarantee a robust quality and easy care; or durable and modern metal objects which not only provide stability, but also a contemporary, simple aesthetic.

Stackable and weatherproof: Landi chair by Hans Coray

Vitra outdoor chairs by Charles and Ray Eames

The Vitra DKR Wire Chair is always an absolute visual delight

With the Eames Plastic Chairs the mid-century designer couple Ray and Charles Eames developed a diverse and extensive seating furniture collection in which different plastic seat shells are combined with different base frames. The Eames Plastic Chairs with powder-coated metal bases are suitable for outdoor use. This means that the Vitra DSR, Vitra DAR chairs as well as the Vitra LAR and Vitra LSR lounge chairs are suitable for the garden and terrace. The Wire Chair DKR in its powder-coated version is also suitable for outdoor use.

Eames Plastic Chairs RE

The seat shells of the Eames Plastic Chairs received a material update in 2024 and are now made from a plastic crafted from recycled waste. Due to their material properties the shells are water-repellent and therefore also suitable for outdoor use, a suitability enhanced by additives that slow down the colour fading caused by UV radiation. However, Vitra recommends not exposing the chairs to the sun for longer than necessary. To allow water to drain away when the chairs are left unused outdoors, the chairs should be leaned against the table at an angle.

DSR Duotone

Eames style picnic on LSR chairs

The Vitra Outdoor collection is suitable for indoors and outdoors

Vitra has designed its range of outdoor furniture to be holistic: instead of a strict separation of garden and indoor furniture, Vitra relies on outdoor furniture that can also be used indoors, so that a smooth transition is possible between furnishing outdoor areas and closed living spaces. For example, the Belleville Armchair Outdoor is perfect for indoor and outdoor use due to its low weight, elegant, slim design and water-repellent, robust materials and can also be easily moved and stored.

Care instructions for Vitra outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture, as with all furniture, needs proper cleaning and care. In the PDF guide (download approx. 5.2 MB) you will find all the care tips you need:

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