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.03 Black

The Maarten van Severen Collection

The fact that the Belgian designer Maarten van Severen was the son of an abstract painter evidently had some influence on him: Maarten van Severen's rather minimalist furniture designs are characterized by their functional focus, clear structures and colours. In addition, Maarten van Severen concentrated from the mid-eighties on the connections between production and design and on the elementary furniture types chair, table, lounger, shelf and cabinet. The Vitra Maarten van Severen Collection - the cooperation between Vitra and van Severen began in 1996 - includes just these basic types, such as the Vitra MVS Chaise, the dining table A-Table or the chair .05. Despite the clear handwriting of the designer, the designs of the Vitra Maarten van Severen Collection vary mainly in the respective detailed solutions and thus offer a refreshing, creative scope.

The functionalist-elegant MVS .03 by Maarten van Severen