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Vitra Office Chairs

Vitra - pioneer and experts in office chair design

The expertise of the Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra in terms of office chair design is no coincidence: the furniture manufacturer has been a pioneer in the development of office furniture design for more than fifty years, realising numerous office chair designs which continue to set standards. Having produced and marketed office furniture for the European market since 1953 by designers such as Ray and Charles Eames, in 1976 the company introduced Vitramat, the first self-developed office chair. Although the Vitramat may not be considered a design classic, it does play a special role insofar as Vitra for the first time incorporated the latest research into ergonomics and health as well as innovative materials and techniques into the design. This combination of design and research became the basis for further breakthrough Vitra office chairs.

Green office with ID Mesh from Vitra

Extremely beautiful office chairs: The Vitra AM Chairs

Innovative technology and research meet design expertise

Two of the designers with whom Vitra have repeatedly developed office chairs since the 1980s are the Italians Antonio Citterio and Alberto Meda. The office swivel chair Physix by Alberto Meda, for example, is paradigmatic for Vitra's design philosophy in the office sector: Meda's elegant, reduced Physix design refers to Charles and Ray Eames' office chair classics from the 1950s, but incorporating modern 21st-century techniques and materials into his design, thus combining Alberto Meda's technical know-how and design. Antonio Citterio, on the other hand, has already designed several proven office chair families for Vitra; with their ergonomic design and patented technology, for example, the ID Chairs not only support trouble-free and healthy sitting, but are also available in different versions and price ranges, making them suitable for a wide variety of workspaces.

Technical sophistication, comfort, versatility - all this is the AM Chair by designer Alberto Meda for Vitra

The Physix is the modern answer to the Eames' aluminium chairs

Contemporary open-plan office with ID Trim & Headline from Vitra

The Vitra Physix is designed according to the latest ergonomic standards

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