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The Morrison Collection

The work of the English industrial designer Jasper Morrison - one of the most successful of his profession - is represented in the Vitra Morrison Collection. When it comes to finding the right words for defining this collection, Morrison's own words are arguably the best: the industrial designer and his colleague Naoto Fukasawa coined the term "supernormal", which is not meant at all negative, but for the two designers the answer to the question of what good designs is. Morrison's main concern is to design a useful and responsible design, in combination with an unobtrusive style. Whether HAL - Morrison's reinterpretation of the multifunctional shell chair - or the Cork Stool family, Jasper Morrison's furniture designs are captivating through their ingenious use of different materials. In addition to restraint and simple elegance, they are characterised by their own special, subtle wit.

The Cork Family from the Vitra Morrison Collection