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Catania Parasol
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Parasols for a holiday feeling at home

Skagerak garden furniture in Scandinavian design

Parasols are indispensable in the heat and sunshine of summer. Not that the protection they offer from the direct glare and strength of the sun has to be expressed purely functional, sunshades also have a lot to offer aesthetically. Used as decorative accessories or as a summer eye-catcher they provide holiday flair on the terrace, balcony or in the garden. Parasols made of wood from manufacturers such as Skagerak are typically Scandinavian and integrate into any space. Our top three tips when buying a parasol:

Skagerak parasol and lounger

Catania parasol from Skagerak

How big and how flexible should my parasol be?

Are you looking for a parasol that provides shade for several people while eating outdoors, or a model that can also be taken on a trip to the beach? Depending on how you want to use your parasol, you should pay attention to its size and weight. Often parasols are available with matching feet or bases that provide stability. If you do not want to, or cannot, use a parasol stand on your balcony, you should attach your sun protection securely to the railings.

Market parasol or cantilever parasol ?

There are two types of parasols. The classic is the so-called market or mast parasol, which can be found in gardens, outdoor seating and wherever people gather in the summer: with market parasols the mast is in the middle and is firmly anchored to the ground. Some parasols also have an articulated joint in the upper part of the parasol, so that the parasol can be adjusted so that it also protects against the sun in the afternoon and evening. So-called traffic light or cantilever umbrellas are particularly space-saving and therefore perfectly suitable for smaller balconies. Here the mast runs sideways and the umbrella is held by a bracket above the canopy. Usually these parasols are stretched using a crank. These models are called cantilever umbrellas because they cast a rectangular shadow that can be ideally used as a lounge or dining area.

Skagerak parasols are also suitable for cafes and restaurants

How do I optimally combine my parasol with other garden furniture?

As decorative and useful accessories, parasols are the perfect addition to your outdoor area and can be combined as a stylish individual item with existing garden furniture. Here you should make sure that materials, design and dimensions are coordinated with one another. Those who attach particular importance to uniformity can combine their parasols with garden furniture from the same manufacturer. Labels such as Skagerak offer collections in different styles that are perfectly coordinated from the dining table to the sun lounger.

Skagerak parasol Messina

Parasol from Skagerak