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Working from home is currently one of the best ways to protect yourself and the people around you: and just as in the office in the home office functional desks, chairs and storage solutions are invaluable in assisting productive and concentrated work. Our guide is structured to help you optimally organise your (new) living and working area, to maintain the family work balance and to be equipped for video conferences. Should you require specific advice in context of your individual realities - our smow stores are still there for you by phone, video chat or email. Call us, mail us, stay healthy, stay responsible!


Chic and functional. The height-adjustable desk in combination with the flexible Capisco chair ensures maximum working comfort.

Montana HiLow 2 from € 1759

Håg Capisco € 1268

Louis Poulsen NJP from € 394


The timeless Eames Aluminum Chair complements the USM Haller desk. The elegant version of the home office with a classic metallic look.

Vitra EA 103 from € 1590

USM Haller Desk € 1457

Fritz Hansen Kaiser Idell € 579

Small Living

Müller Small Living offers practical solutions for small rooms which can be perfectly combined with classics such as the Eames Plastic Chair.

Vitra Eames DSW from € 395

Müller Small Living Flatmate € 1198

Marset FollowMe € 178


For lovers of Bauhaus and tubular steel, Thonet offers the ideal furnishings for the home offie. If it was good enough for the Masters' Houses...!

Thonet S 285 € 2873

Thonet S 43 from € 321

Thonet LUM € 666

Architect's table

The Eiermann table not only inspires architects and designers. In combination with the Eiermann chair it enables a coherent overall visual composition.

Richard Lampert Eiermann Table from € 450

Wilde & Spieth SE 68 from € 373

Artemide Tolomeo Tavolo Micro from € 202


Chic, white, functional - the elegant Physix is one of those office swivel chairs that genuinely looks good.

Vitra Physix € 876

Artemide Demetra from € 303

Muuto Base Table € 935


Jean Prouvé - a sonorous synonym for stylish design. Anyone who values aesthetics in the home office is in the right place here.

Vitra Compas Direction from € 2280

Vitra Standard € 679

Louis Poulsen AJ Desk Lamp from € 788



Reduced in chrome/white: Concentrated work is guaranteed with this stylish combination of Eiermann and Eames: in addition the Tolomeo Tavolo as the epitome of the functional design lamp.

Richard Lampert Eiermann Desk from € 450

Vitra Eames DSR from € 265

Artemide Tolomeo Tavolo from € 188


Why not look optimistically into the future? Colourful Home Office solutions make our (work) world more beautiful.

Vitra Tip Ton € 269

Louis Poulsen Panthella Mini from € 380

Hay Copenhague Desk from € 699


The ID Chair Concept from Vitra allows ergonomic work chairs for every taste and character.

USM Haller Table from € 745

Vitra ID Soft Black from € 644

Nimbus Roxxane Home from € 535


Magis provides for that somewhat different workplace. Not least trough the, fittingly named, "The Wild Bunch".

Magis Butch from € 1011

Magis Tuffy € 416

Muuto Control € 149


A desk with integrated storage space perfectly complements the compact all-rounder Rookie from the Vitra Task Chairs collection. Work, we're ready!

Vitra Rookie € 399

Northern Buddy € 236

Müller Möbelfabrikation PS 07 from € 650


Even where there is only little space available, there is a suitable solution, e.g. with the console table and matching stool from the Georg collection from Skagerak.

Georg Stool from 292 €

Georg Wall Table from 594 €

Milk Table Lamp 134 €


Muuto supplies contemporary furnishings that can also be used, universally, in the home office.

Muuto 70/70 from € 1249

Muuto Visu € 299

Muuto Leaf € 249

Children's tables

Children also need a place to work... paint, play, craft, express themselves. Such as the matching bamboo furniture from We Do Wood.

We Do Wood Lilly's Chair € 175

We Do Wood Geo's Table € 285

Fermob Balad from € 85


Homework is much more fun at the Eiermann children's desk with a matching chair from Richard Lampert.

Richard Lampert Turtle from € 468

Richard Lampert Eiermann Children's Desk from € 448

Hay Turn On € 139

On the smow Youtube channel we present various furniture objects that are ideal for the home office. Simply click our Playlist Home Office and discover ergonomic and comfortable tables, chairs and shelving for quiet, concentrated and efficient work at home.