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Eiermann Table
Eiermann 2 Table Frame
Table Top for Eiermann Table Frames
Eiermann 1 Table Frame
Children's Table Eiermann
Cable Trough for Eiermann 2 Table Frames
Eiermann 3 Trestle
Eiermann 1 Conference Table
SE 68
Height Extension for Eiermann Table Frames
Drawer for Eiermann Table
Regal Eiermann
Mounting Set for Eiermann Table Frames
Levelling Feet for Eiermann Table Frames 1 + 2
Industrial Castors for Eiermann Table Frames
Rubber Stoppers for Eiermann Table Frames
Levelling Feet for Eiermann 3 Trestle
Rattan Stool  E 14
Cable Trough for Eiermann 1 Table Frames
Table Top Support for Eiermann 2 Table Frames
CPU Holder for Eiermann Frames
SE 18
Rattan Chair E 10
Shelf for Regal Eiermann
SE 40
S 197 R
Eiermann 2 Dining Table
SBG 197 R
SE 42
SE 43

Egon Eiermann

Egon Eiermann (* 29.09.1904 in Berlin/Germany; † 19.07.1970 in Baden-Baden/Germany) studied architecture in Berlin before joining the staff at Karstadt AG. In 1931 he established together with Fritz Jahnecke his on Architecture Bureau. In 1947 Eiermann was appointed as Lecturer at the Technical College in Karlsruhe, and in 1951 was co-founder of the German Design council. In addition to architecture Eiermann was also worked as stage designer for numerous film and theatre productions and designed furniture. In 1953 Eiermann designed himself an iconic desk.

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smow Blog Interview: Thomas Gerber, CEO Wilde+Spieth - A good chair is an important part of ensuring professional orchestra musicians remain fit and enjoy themselves

...Originally a manufacturer of window shutters, in 1948 the German architect and designer Egon Eiermann commissioned Wilde+Spieth to construct custom blinds for one of his architectural projects, before, and admittedly somewhat overly casually enquiring, "Kinderchen, can you also build chairs?... They could, they did and Egon Eiermann subsequently went on to design a collection of some 30 chairs for Wilde+Spieth, including works such as the SE 18, SE 42 or SE 68...

The Sedentary Workers: Orchestra Musicians

...The Designer's Musician's Chair One of the first to critically consider the musician's chair was the German architect and designer Egon Eiermann... Chairs initially developed in cooperation with Egon Eiermann, subsequently independently of Eiermann, but always in cooperation with musicians...

Orgatec Cologne 2016: Richard Lampert

...Amongst a presentation of objects new, established and re-worked three projects in particular caught our attention Eiermann Acoustic Elements Egon Eiermann's 1953 table frame is the most ridiculously simple piece of design...

IMM Cologne 2016: Richard Lampert

...According to Brigitte Eiermann her late husband, the German architect and designer Egon Eiermann, would work so long on a furniture design project until he could say "Das ist nicht besser zu machen" - "That cannot be improved"... 1 However we imagine Egon Eiermann would be very satisfied with the new table trestle Egon from Stuttgart based manufacturer Richard Lampert...

New by smow: Rattan furniture from Lampert and lamps from Artemide

...Both pieces are creations of the German designer and architect Egon Eiermann...

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