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Usha Umbrella Stand

Eckart Muthesius

Born in 1904 as the son of Deutsche Werkbund co-founder Hermann Muthesius, the architect and designer Eckart Muthesius initially studied Applied Art in Berlin before switching to London Polytechnic and subsequently working with the architects James Yerbury and Sir Raymond Unwin. In Oxford Muthesius met the Maharajah of Indore, Yeshwant Rao Holkar Bahadur, who presented him with one of his most extravagant commissions: Muthesius was entrusted by the Prince with the construction and furnishing of his palace Manik Bagh. Dominated by Bauhaus style and featuring an Art Deco inspired interior and furnishings Manik Bagh set new standards in India. With the outbreak of the Second World War Eckart Muthesius was forced to leave India, and when the new post-War Indian republic removed the Princes privileges, the Maharajahs left Manik Bagh. Today the building is used by the Indian state, the interior was auctioned and scattered all over the world. However in the form of the ClassiCon Mandu coat rack, the unique style of Manik Bagh is available for every home. Palace or otherwise.

Designer Eckart Muthesius