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AJ Standing Lamp
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Tube Light
PH 5
PH 3½-2½ Table Lamp
Flowerpot VP1 Pendant Lamp
PH Artichoke
Kaiser Idell 6631-P
WG 24
Mega Bulb Pendant Lamp
Crash & Bell
Small FL/Y
Akari 10A
Akari 45A / 55A / 75A / 120A
Akari 55D / 75D
FL/Y Metallic
Luca Stand
Pendant Lamp A110
Blown Pendant
Tolomeo Mega Terra
Unfold Pendant Lamp
Bloom Metallic Pendant Light
Lumiere 05 Tavolo Piccola
Toldbod 120 Pendant Lamp
Kaiser Idell 6556-F
AJ Wall lamp
Milk Table Lamp
La Petite
PH 3½-3 Pendant Lamp
WA 24
Bellevue Floor Lamp
Formakami Pendant Lamp
PH 3/2 Pendant Lamp
Kaiser Idell 6556-T
PH 3/2 Table Lamp
Bauhaus Pendant Lamp DMB26
Caboche Sospensione
Pendant Lamp A330S Golden Bell
PH 2/1 Table Lamp
Multi-Lite Floor Lamp
Fifty-Fifty Mini
Choose Tavolo
Panthella Mini 250 Table Lamp
Big FL/Y
Gople Sospensione Mini
Birdy Floor Lamp
Ambit Pendant Lamp
Pirce Mini Soffitto
Mooon! Table Lamp
Hashira Pendant
NH Parete
Paper Pendant
Nessino Black Edition
Special Edition
Ginger Table Lamp
Birdie Parete
Block 2 Floor Lamp
PH 80 Floor Lamp
Tip Floor Lamp
Akari 3X
Akari 20N
Akari UF3-Q
Akari 3A
Akari UF4-33N
Akari 14A
Akari BB3-55DD
Akari 33N
Akari 50EN / 70EN
Acorn Pendant Lamp
Rime Wall Lamp
Tripod table lamp
Akari 9A
PC Table Lamp
Apollo Portable
Yanzi Tavolo
Night Owl
Big Battery
Workshop Lamp
Journey Table Lamp
Akari 24N / 25N
Me Floor Lamp
Knit-Wit Pendant Lamp
Rime Pendant Lamp
Buddy Floor Lamp
Mooon! Floor Lamp
Luca Stand Little
Akari YA2
Tidelight Floor Lamp
Magneto Terra
Tolomeo Basculante Lettura
AJ Table Lamp Stainless Steel
Come Together
Kaiser Idell 6722-P
PC Portable
Snowball Floor Lamp

A cozy atmosphere thanks to the optimal lighting for your living room


Formakami pendant lamp from &Tradition

An average living room is about 20 square meters. In order to create a homely ambience, you need not only the right furniture, carpets and accessories, but also the light sources best suited to illuminate the living area well and to put the respective room sections in the right light. We will show you which type of light best suits the respective living room area!

A living room with an average size of 20 square meters requires three to five lights, depending on the layout of the room and personal preference.

Which lamps are best suited for general living room lighting?

Ceiling and pendant lights are ideal for illuminating the living area as a whole. They form the basis of the light sources in the living room.

Be careful not to choose a pendant light with too small a shade or too short a cable, otherwise the proportions of the room will appear unfavourable. The larger the room, the larger the basic lighting can be. Dimming functions can also be a good help here to spread the light comfortably. The brightness in the living room can be lower than in the kitchen, for example, 100 lumens per square meter are recommended in order to obtain optimal illumination.

All-rounder: the PH 5 from Louis Poulsen

Vertigo pendant lamp from Petite Friture

Flowerpot VP3 from &Tradition

Which lamps for the couch corner?

Ceiling lights placed directly above the coffee table are suitable for the relaxation area of the living room. They draw attention to the table and accessories and also create zones in your living room, which gives it structure. In addition, no one hits their head on a lamp.

Floor lamps and table lamps, which can provide cozy light, are also suitable. For lovers of reading we particularly recommend floor lamps in this area, which can be aligned directly on the couch or armchair and are soothing on and for the eye.

Hanging lamp Mega Bulb from &Tradition

AJ floor lamp from Louis Poulsen

Panthella Mini table lamp from Louis Poulsen

Which lamps for the dining area?

The dining area is often located in the living room. Pendant lights directly above the table are ideal here: they separate the dining area from the living area and provide atmospheric light. The height of the lamp(s) above the edge of the table should be approx. 60-70 cm, so you get maximum illumination without being blinded while eating.

PH5 pendant lamp from Louis Poulsen

Golden Bell pendant lights from Artek

Flowerpot VP7 pendant light from &Tradition

Which lamps for the reading corner?

There is nothing better than reading a book or a magazine in a lounge chair or on the sofa. Harmonious lighting, a combination of warm and cold light, supports this: the warm light colour ensures cosiness, while the blue component ensures better concentration. Whether as floor or table lamps is dependent on space and personal preference.

Floor and reading lamp Kaiser Idell from Fritz Hansen

AJ table lamp from Louis Poulsen

Gubi Gräshoppa floor lamp

Which lighting designer for which furnishing style?

Verner Panton: Cult lamp style from the 60s

Flowerpot VP3 from &Tradition

Unlike the designs by Arne Jacobsen, with whom Verner Panton worked closely, Verner Panton's designs thrive on geometric shapes and bright colours, which manifests itself particularly expressively in his Flowerpot Series. The unmistakable look of the 60s makes Panton's Flowerpot series legendary and makes it the right choice for vintage or retro fans. The individual lamps in a wide variety of colours attract everyone's attention and bring life to every home with the sixties flair. These timeless lamps are today produced by &Tradition, and are a must-have not only for Flower Power fans!

Arne Jacobsen: Iconic lighting design from the 1920s

AJ floor lamp from Louis Poulsen

In addition to seating furniture, Arne Jacobsen designed lamps that are available today from Louis Poulsen. In his work both as an architect and as a designer, Arne Jacobsen was primarily influenced by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier and Bauhaus.
One of the designer lighting icons, for example, is the AJ lighting series that Arne Jacobsen created for the SAS Hotel in Copenhagen. Practical and timeless are probably two attributes that best describe the AJ lights and which make them so popular to this day. Jacobsen's Bauhaus influences are unmistakably recognizable in their design and functionality.

Christian Dell: Bauhaus lights from the 1930s

Kaiser Idell table lamp Fritz Hansen

The Kaiser Idell lamps are well known to everyone who deals with design. Created around 1933/34 for Gebr. Kaiser & Co., they were still produced in large numbers in the post-war period. Today they are manufactured by Fritz Hansen and are rightly considered THE classic among (desk) lamps. Modern design that outlasts all trends and never goes out of style. Just the thing for Bauhaus fans!

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