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Luxembourg Bench with Backrest
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Week-End Bench
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Weekday Bench
Kampenwand Bench, Outdoor - Red rope
Kampenwand Bench With Backrest, Outdoor - Red rope
Prelude Bench, 150 cm, Black, Teak

The perfect garden bench for your vacation at home


Hay Palissade Collection (steel)

For a relaxing holiday in your own garden, you need good weather and of course the perfect garden bench. Whether under the cherry tree or on the balcony – decorative garden benches are more than just seating and help make every outdoor cosy and inviting. But what should you consider before choosing a garden bench?

Which garden bench suits my outdoor space?

Like so many other things, choosing the right garden bench is primarily a question of individual taste. However there are a number of important questions you should also ask yourself: which design style suits you and your garden? How big is your balcony? Do you prefer a wooden garden bench or an airy design made of metal?

While wooden benches fit perfectly into the natural ambience of a garden or green balcony and develop an individual patina over time, simple metal garden benches are more in contrast to the flora. A factor that has its own aesthetic appeal, especially for those who prefer minimalism when it comes to furnishing.

From country house style to modern eye-catchers, everything is possible. While with additional accessories and matching outdoor lighting your garden bench becomes an oasis of well-being for hot summer days and balmy evenings. You can also put your garden bench in the limelight as an idyllic decorative object by placing potted plants on it instead of using the bench as a seat.

Muuto Linear bench and table for the garden (steel)

Bellevie garden furniture from Fermob (steel/aluminium)

Material and maintenance of your garden bench: Wood, teak, metal

The question of the material is crucial when choosing and maintaining your garden bench. For those who prefer a natural and rustic flair we recommend wooden garden benches. However, wooden benches should be properly cared for, especially outdoors, so that they remain intact and weatherproof. A six-monthly treatment with wood care products is sufficient in most cases.

In contrast to benches made from local wood, garden benches made of teak do not need additional treatment, as the high rubber content naturally protects the material. Over time, teak develops a characteristic light grey shimmering patina, which can be easily removed with a mild soapy solution and a brush. Or left and enjoyed.

Metal garden benches are particularly robust and durable: wind and weather cannot harm them, they can be cleaned without any problems and, in the case of aluminium, are particularly light and stable at the same time. Coloured powder-coated metal garden benches need to be repainted or touched up if the paint is damaged. Detailed information on caring for your new outdoor furniture is included with the product or can be found on the manufacturer's websites.

Paon garden chair and bench from Houe (bamboo lamellae/metal)

Correctly placing garden benches

In contrast to the classics made of decorative cast iron or immovable park benches, modern garden benches are usually simply designed and easy to transport. They can therefore be easily and flexibly integrated into any outdoor area.

For those looking for a free-standing garden bench as a seat in front of the house or in the garden, or a model that can be supplemented with matching garden chairs and a garden table, manufacturers such as Hay, Fermob or Skagerak offer complete collections with matching tables and seating, but also garden benches that can be used as individual items.

It is also important to be aware of how much space is available on the balcony or terrace and whether you want to store your garden furniture in the winter months.

Moormann Kampenwand bench (fir, wood) - assembly without tools, very space saving when dismantled

Hay Palissade lounge sofa (steel)

Kampenwand bench and table by Nils Holger Moormann (fir, wood) - also available with backrest