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Atmospheric lighting for balcony and garden

Those looking to enjoy long, mild summer nights outside are not automatically dependent on suitable lighting for balcony or garden, but such can add to the atmosphere and length of the evening. In the following, we have compiled for you a list of those types of lights which are suitable for outdoor use and what you should pay attention to so that there is a harmonious and atmospheric living room atmosphere in the garden or on the balcony throughout the evening and night.

Gloster Cocoon lamp

The perfect lighting for the balcony or garden – some insider tips!

There is a wide range of solutions for illuminating outdoor areas, be that patios, balconies or gardens. Wall exterior lights can be connected to the household power grid, are permanently installed and provide reliable and targeted light. In addition they can be switched on and off with a light switch or automatically via a motion sensor. For lighting paths and driveways, path lights or plinth lights in front of the entrance gate are particularly suitable. Less functional and more emotional illumination for garden and balcony can be achieved by setting targeted lighting accents with a few outdoor lights instead of illuminating the outside area excessively. While in order to enable you to enjoy the garden in dark, and help create a feeling of space outdoors, it is advisable to place a light in remote corners and not only to position light sources on the garden table or in the seating area. For the ideal atmosphere the light temperature is crucial. Manufacturers always specify the light temperature in Kelvin, the lower the Kelvin value, the warmer the light temperature. In the garden and on the balcony, it is advisable to use outdoor lights with rather warm white light, as these do not form hard shadows, give the environment flowing contours and thus ensure more comfort. Some outdoor lights from manufacturers such as Gloster or Fermob also offer the option to switch between several light temperatures. You can also find full detailed information in our lighting dictionary.

Fermob Balad Mini

Marset Santorini for balcony and terrace

LED and solar technology – new possibilities for outdoor lighting

Thanks to LED and solar technology completely new possibilities for outdoor lighting have emerged in recent years. LEDs are particularly durable and robust light sources and can therefore be permanently installed. In addition, LEDs are highly energy efficient, they convert energy optimally and thus ensure the best ratio between consumption and performance. Most LEDs therefore belong to the energy efficiency class A+ or higher. The energy efficiency class is awarded according to EU guidelines and specified by the respective manufacturer of the light source or luminaire. Solar lights that charge in direct sunlight during the day and automatically provide atmospheric light accents in the garden or on the balcony in the evening are particularly environmentally friendly, whether as free-standing path lamps or solar-powered lanterns for the garden table, and such designer solar lights are in no way inferior to conventional lights in terms of performance, but are superior in their independence from cables and electricity bills.

Gloster Line lamp

Battery lights, cable lights, natural light sources: what fits best in your outdoor area?

Thanks to LED technology, more and more battery-powered lights for the outdoor area have been launched by well-known designer furniture and designer lighting manufacturers including Louis Poulsen, Foscarini or Gloster. Thanks to the low power consumption of the LEDs, battery lights can be charged in the house with a charger and radiate light for hours outdoors in the evening and at night without the need for laborious installation of garden lights. Since battery lights can be easily transported and can also be used indoors, they are unbeatable in terms of flexibility and ensure a stylish ambience wherever used. In addition to portable battery lights, outdoor-suitable pendant lights or floor lights can also be used outdoors, which are supplied with power by cable. Here, mostly weather-resistant materials such as plastic or aluminium are combined with powerful LEDs. Designer lights for outdoor areas can of course also be perfectly combined with natural light sources. In addition to a noble fire bowl, lanterns or oil lamps in particular provide atmospheric lighting in the open air, without the light going out when the wind blows.

Gloster outdoor lamp Ray

Santorini wall lamp from Marset

How weatherproof is your outdoor light? The IP protection class provides information!

As outdoor lights have to be much more robust and resistant to impact and moisture than lights for indoor use, materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, plastic or, as in the case of the Lantern lamp from Gloster, robust teak are regularly used. It is also important to know whether you can leave or permanently install your outdoor light overnight or in winter. The IP protection class, which is specified by the manufacturer, provides detailed information. The first number indicates how well protected your lamp is against foreign objects, i.e. how easily foreign objects such as pebbles or dust can penetrate. The second indicates how your luminaire reacts to moisture and whether it can withstand a small rain shower or larger water impact, for example, cleaning with a garden hose.

Carrie portable lamp from Menu

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