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Battery Lamps

The portable FollowMe battery lamp by Marset is also suitable for outdoor use

Battery lights are among the newest and fastest-growing genres in product design. Their development is inextricably linked to the technical progress of recent years in the field of LED technology and battery technology. As LEDs consume less and less power and battery life has increased, battery lights like the Voyager from Gloster can illuminate for up to four hours at the highest level. The great advantage of the battery lights is therefore their flexibility - they can be taken from one room to the other, which means fewer lights are needed, and which is of course also useful in terms of sustainability. The second big plus is that battery lights can also be used where there is no power connection and they open up completely new possibilities for the lighting of gardens and terraces. For this reason, numerous designer battery lights are designed especially for outdoor use and regular not only waterproof but protected against temperature fluctuations. The outdoor furniture manufacturer Gloster has already brought several high-quality battery lights specifically for the outdoor area on the market. For lighting in the interior, the featherlight Bicoca table lamp by Marset offers unimagined possibilities and great flexibility in gorgeous colours and appealing design.

Light pink Bicoca battery table lamp for Marset

The Roxxane Fly battery lamp in the kitchen