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Stacking Bed

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The distinctive stacking bed by Rolf Heide is one of the most famous products from the German manufacturer Müller Small Living, a company which has stood for precision craftsmanship and high-quality furniture since 1869. The Stapelliege bed combines like no other object the company's values: meaningful functionality, clear forms and a rejection of trends and fads. An attitude that has seen them contribute to the history of design since 1966.


Product type Bed
Dimensions H 23,5 x W 200 x D 100 cm
H 23,5 x W 200 x D 90 cm
H 23,5 x W 190 x D 90 cm

The given widths and depths refer to inside edge, or mattress size; the external dimensions are each +3 cm

Single deck 23,5 cm high, 40 cm stacked

Material Solid plywood (15 mm thickness), CPL-coating or coloured lacquered
Variants Available in other sizes on request
Available in various types of wood and surface treatments
Available with a choice of mattress supports
Stacking Bed Comfort available separately
Function & properties Stackable
Delivery includes 1 bed for self-assembly
Optionally available with slatted base
Mattress and bedding not included

Matching mattress (H 14 cm) suitable for combination with roller slatted frame available separately
When choosing the solid wood frame, a mattress with H 10 cm is recommended
Assembly Please click on picture for detailed information (ca. 1,2 MB).

Care Wood surfaces should never be exposed to excess moisture. For cleaning, the use of a soft, slightly damp cloth and a mild detergent are recommended.
Awards & museum Interior Innovation Award 2003
Sustainability Müller Small Living consciously thinks sustainable: The manufacturer operates a regional and environmentally friendly production from durable materials of exclusively FSC-certified suppliers. The manufacturer's ambition is to produce durable furniture with a timeless design and to guarantee a continuous supply of spare parts. Of course, the regional headquarter has been energetically modernized in order to save further emissions.
Warranty 24 months
Accessories Bed drawer 16
Modular Bedside Table
Datasheet Please click on the picture for detailed information (ca. 4,0 MB).

Product presentation

Popular versions

Stacking Bed, 90 x 200, White CPL, edges oiled and waxed, Without slatted frame
Stacking Bed, 90 x 200, White CPL, edges oiled and waxed, Rollable
Stacking Bed, 90 x 200, White CPL, edges oiled and waxed, Solid wood frame
Stacking Bed, 90 x 200, Anthracite CPL, edges ioled and waxed, Without slatted frame
Stacking Bed, 90 x 200, Anthracite CPL, edges ioled and waxed, Solid wood frame
Stacking Bed, 90 x 200, Anthracite CPL, edges ioled and waxed, Rollable
Stacking Bed, 90 x 200, Natural beech, Rollable
Stacking Bed, 90 x 200, Natural beech oiled and waxed, Rollable
Stacking Bed, 90 x 190, Natural beech oiled and waxed, Solid wood frame
Stacking Bed, 90 x 200, Natural birch, Without slatted frame
Stacking Bed, 100 x 200, White CPL, edges oiled and waxed, Without slatted frame
Stacking Bed, 90 x 190, Natural beech, Without slatted frame
Stacking Bed, 90 x 190, Natural beech oiled and waxed, Without slatted frame
Stacking Bed, 100 x 200, Natural walnut, Solid wood frame
Stacking Bed, 90 x 200, Natural beech, Solid wood frame
Stacking Bed, 90 x 190, Natural walnut, Solid wood frame
Stacking Bed, 90 x 200, Beech oiled and waxed, Solid wood frame
Stacking Bed, 90 x 190, Beech oiled and waxed, Solid wood frame
Stacking Bed, 90 x 190, Beech oiled and waxed, Rollable
Stacking Bed, 90 x 200, Natural walnut, Solid wood frame

Design Story


Designed in 1966 by Rolf Heide the Stapelliege with its mix of aesthetics and almost unique functionality remains as relevant and interesting today as ever. The bed's curved sides loosen the atmosphere in every and any bedroom while at the same time bestowing the object its special functionality - its stackability. Depending on the required use several Stapelliege beds can be stacked upon each other - or used individually - and thus afford a comfortable bed height: and which can be taken apart and reassembled if required and as often as required. In addition the beds curved organic edges make it particularly suitable for children's rooms, or rooms where children are likely to be found - the absence of sharp corners and edges reducing the risk of harm. The appealing, easily accessible form of the Müller Small Living stacking bed is space-saving and at the same time stable. Available in different types of wood and finishes the Stapelliege bed compliments virtually any style and was thus rightly described by the magazine "Home Sweet Home" as a modern classic.

A product of Müller Small Living in production


It is no coincidence that the German designer Rolf Heide created the Stapelliege bed system in 1966 as a wooden product: his career began with a carpentry apprenticeship. Following completion of his apprenticeship he studied interior design and worked for a short time in a furniture shop before his interest in furniture, design and interior design led Rolf Heide to establish his own design studio in addition to working as a freelance journalist for renowned magazines, including "Home Sweet Home" or "Architektur & Wohnen". Almost all the design works of the Hamburg based designer convey his architectural background and are characterized by intelligent forms and high formal stability. Rolf Heide's best known design is without question the stacking bed Stapelliege for Müller Small Living; however in recent years he has worked on a wide pallet of projects and is now considered a generalist and universal designer who in addition to furniture design is also heavily involved with corporate identity projects. In terms of the latter Rolf Heide is particularly active in helping design- oriented companies realise interesting and relevant trade fair stands and advertising strategies. Since the turn of the millennium Rolf Heide has withdrawn ever more from public life, but his work continues to be rewarded with numerous international awards.

The Stapelliege stacking bed from Müller Small Living - the space saving solution


The origins of the high quality and stable characteristics of the Stapelliege stacking bed lies in their material and their preparation. For over 140 years the manufacturer Müller Small Living has prescribed to the German understanding of design and quality, an understanding it puts into all of its products. Since its creation in 1966 the Stapelliege has been the best known and most popular product of the manufacturer. The wood species maple, beech, birch and walnut provide a wide range of grain and colour nuances to the bed and ensure a secure match to your individual bedroom. The high stability and longevity of the Müller Small Living bed is guaranteed through the multi-layer structure of the plywood, a process in which 9 layers of wood are combined to create a virtually indestructible material. The surface of each bed becomes a particularly noble and resistant surface through treating with wax and oil. The 4 sides of the stacking bed are made in Müller Small Living's own 2000 square meters production facility in northern Germany.

Designer Rolf Heide

Historical Context

The origins of Rolf Heide's Stapelliege can be traced back to the mid-60s. A turbulent time in Germany and worldwide, in addition to the trouble spots of the Cold War and its counter movement of Flowerpower and the peace movements, the great destruction of World War II presented the European population with problems of housing shortage and a need for new solutions; consequently, the 1960s were marked by especially strong changes in cultural and social life. In terms of housing, one popular solution was large estates on the outskirts of cities; conurbations which more or less appeared out of thin air and had to meet especially one criterion: as many apartments as possible on as little space as possible - space for decorative flourishes or elaborate designs was simply not provided. In the broadest sense, the design and the concept of Rolf Heide's Stapelliege therefore fits perfectly into this period, even if the bed is not reminiscent of the concrete blocks of the 60s. And although a child of the 1960s, the pressing issues of how to utilise space more effectively and efficiently remain - as does the appeal of the Stapelliege. The curved shapes of the Müller Small Living bed are also distinctively for the era; they can also be found, for example, in Panton Chair and other designs from that time.

The headquarters of the German furniture manufacturer Müller Small Living


Müller Small Living is a long established production company. Established in 1869, the North German manufacturer is renowned for the production of high quality objects, many of which have gone down in design history and all of which are characterised by their quality workmanship and durability. The medium-sized company employs some 40 employees and is now managed by the fifth generation of the Müller family. Initially focused purely on artisanal production, since the 70s Müller Small Living has increasingly worked with well-known designers, a change of course which has also served to increase and strengthen the already high aesthetic standards in the company. Due to the embodiment of existing values of design, functionality and timeless durability, the products of Müller Small Living are recognized and appreciated worldwide. The use of unobtrusive, modern materials such as aluminium or the plywood of Stapelliege provide the object with an international character. Looking to move on from furniture objects of fixed location and fixed purpose, Müller Small Living is characterised by the flexibility of its utilisation, something perfectly demonstrated by not only the Stapelliege but also, for example, through the award-winning Konnex Shelf System by Florian Gross.


Mattress for Stacking Bed
Bett drawer 16
Modular Bedside Table

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