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Mart Stam

Mart Stam (born 5. August 1899 in Purmerend/Holland; died 23. Februar 1986 in Goldbach/Switzerland) was a Dutch architect and designer who played a pivotal role in the development of mid-20th century design and who is perhaps best remembered for developing the cantilever chair. After completing a qualification as a draftsman Stam spent three years working in a Rotterdam architectural practice before moving to Berlin and then Zurich where he worked with, amongst others, Karl Moser. From Zurich he travelled further over Paris back to Rotterdam where he helped build the Van Nelle factory. A decisive moment in Mart Stams career came through his contribution to the 1927 Weissenhof Estate, a process which not only brought him international attention, but also brought him into contact with illustrious contemporaries including Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius. In the same year Stam's designs for a tubular steel cantilever chair not only increased his reputation but also encouraged other designers to experiment with a similar strategy - which resulted in a copyright case between Stam and Marcel Breuer. In 1930, Stam was part of Ernst May's "May Brigade" of architects who travelled to Russia to build new cities - a project that was not as successful as the participants had hoped. In 1934, Stam returned to Rotterdam to work, and in 1939 was appointed Head of the Dutch Institute of Industrial Art. After the war Stam briefly returned to Germany to help with rebuilding before in 1966 he and his wife retired to Switzerland. Aside from building works such as the Reihenhaus in der Weißenhofsiedlung, Stuttgart or the Siedlung Hellerhof in Frankfurt Mart Stam is undoubtedly best known for his S 43 cantilever chair produced by Mart Stam.

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...The enigma of Mart Stam" at the Marta Herford Museum for Art, Architecture, Design, Herford, Germany The "enigma" in the exhibition title is arguably one of the most prominent in contemporary architecture and design, for despite his ubiquity in the (hi)story of the development of design, architecture and urban planning, despite the number of objects, buildings and texts he realised, despite the networks in which he moved and the people he influenced, Mart Stam remains a relatively illusory character, someone embodied by a number of popular projects, but who otherwise is well, an enigma... The enigma of Mart Stam opens at the Marta Herford Museum for Art, Architecture, Design, Goebenstraße 2–10 32052 Herford on Sunday November 5th and runs until Sunday January 7th "From Belgium with Light...

Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee - Rundgang 2016

...And so it came to pass that in 1950 the Dutch architect and designer Mart Stam was appointed Rector of the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee, before departing in 1952 under conditions which couldn't exactly be termed as "friendly", even terming them "hostile" would underplay the nature of the relationship which had developed between Stam and the DDR authorities by late 1952... During Mart Stam's short tenure at the KHB Weissensee a further, key, component of the KHB Weissensee philosophy was established: a universal introductory course on the basics of art and design to be undertaken jointly by students of all disciplines, be that art or design...

smow blog Design Calendar: June 1st 1932 - Mart Stam Awarded Artistic Copyright for the Cubic Cantilever Chair

...the strict, logical lines which avoid anything unnecessary and which with the sleekest form and through the simplest means embodies the modern objectivity"1, with this, glowing, description of his design the Supreme Court of the German Reich in Leipzig awarded on June 1st 1932 Mart Stam the artistic copyright of the cubic, quadratic, cantilever chair, and thus settled arguably the very first legal dispute over the copyright of the form of a piece of furniture intended for industrial mass production... Shortly before the sale of Standard-Möbel to Thonet Anton Lorenz registered patents for his own tubular steel chair designs and also secured the rights to all Mart Stam's cantilever chair designs: Stam having famously presented his first cantilever chair design as part of the 1927 Weissenhofsiedlung exhibition in Stuttgart, since when it had had no producer...

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...Or is it just a collection of buildings by Max Taut, Hans Poelzig, Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Mart Stam, Peter Behrens and their ilk?...

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On several occasions in the past month we have repeatedly seen a similar scene. A scene that has made us cry. Lovely houses, truly wonderful, carefully considered constructions in idyllic locations - and then in the garden, furniture that the owners have...

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