Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

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smow blog Design Calendar: March 27th 1886 – Happy Birthday Ludwig Mies van der Rohe!

...What words can one find to honour the birthday of the German architect, designer and ex-Bauhaus Director Ludwig Mies van der Rohe?... The interviews were subsequently published in the American architecture magazine Pencil Points, the September 1935 edition featuring Nelson's portrait of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, or Miës van der Rohe as Nelson insists on referring to him...

(smow) offline: "gute aussichten - junge deutsche fotografie 2009/2010" Georg Brückmann

A recurrent theme, not only here in the (smow)blog but also in general throughout the (smow) global network is the subject of illegal copies of design classics. Or better put when is a design classic a design classic? At the HGB Leipzig Rundgang in February...

(smow)offline: Herbert Hirche, Strahlend Grau

...The Werkbund Archive Berlin's Herbert Hirche exhibition "Strahlend Grau" is a beautifully compact overview of a designer who, despite his relative anonymity, is equally as important as Dieter Rams, Egon Eiermann or Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: just three of the grand doyens of German design with whom Herbert Hirche collaborated... Following the closing of the institution in 1933 Hirche joined the office of his former professor, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, remaining in his service until Mies van der Rohe fled to the USA in 1938...

(smow)offline: Alvar Aalto at Bauhaus Weimar

While we are enjoying ourselves at the #VitraHaus preview in Weil am Rhein, the good people of Weimar will be getting their first chance to view the exhibition "In Sand gezeichnet – Entwürfe von Alvar Aalto" (Drawn in Sand - Sketches by Alvar Aalto) at the...

smow am Rhein: Herbert Hirche and Egon Eiermann

...Among his lecturers at Bauhaus were Wassily Kandinsky und Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, in whose office Hirche worked after the closure of Bauhaus until 1938...

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