Knoll International

Saarinen Round Dining Table
Barcelona Chair
Laccio Table
Wassily Chair
Saarinen Tulip Chair
Saarinen Round Side Table
Barcelona stool
Glides (1 set) for Bertoia Chair
Saarinen Round Sofa Table
Barcelona Chair Relax
Saarinen Tulip Armchair
Bertoia Chair Outdoor
Diamond Chair
Saarinen Oval Dining Table
Barcelona Day Bed
Flat Bat Brno Chair
Saarinen Oval Sofa Table
Platner sofa table
Bertoia Chair
Womb chair
Florence Knoll Bench
Saarinen executive conference chair
Risom Lounge Chair
Bertoia Barstool
Straight Chair
MR Chaise lounge with armrests
Four Seasons Stool
MR Chair
Saarinen Oval Side Table
Barcelona Stool Relax
MR Lounge Chair with armrests
Womb Ottoman

Knoll International

Knoll International was founded in 1938 by Hans Knoll, before becoming Knoll Associates in cooperation with his wife, Florence Knoll. The history of the company began with the innovative designs of Bauhaus, and the current Knoll International extends from classics from the likes of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe through Ettore Sottsass to Alexander Girard. In addition to the diverse range of furniture, since 1947 Knoll International has devoted itself to the design of fabrics suitable, and intended for, both home and office. With such a long tradition Knoll Designs are characterized by their elegance, timelessness and clear form language.

Florence Knoll

smow sells exclusively originals from licensed manufacturers and is an official trading partner of Knoll International.

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smow Blog Design Calender: May 24th 1917 – Happy Birthday Florence Knoll!

...Florence Knoll - Architect In addition to nurturing her educationally the Saarinens also took Florence Schust under their wing, making her in all but title part of their family, and taking her with them on their annual summer holiday to Europe... The Knoll Planning Unit Moving to New York in 1941 Florence Schust jobbed for several architectural practices before her path crossed that of Hans Knoll: scion of a German furniture dynasty, in the process of establishing his own furniture company in New York, a furniture company specialising in the modern European designs Hans had, in effect, grown up with...

smow blog Interview: Markus Jehs - Discourse is the most important aspect of design

...Focussing principally on furniture and lighting design Jehs+Laub have developed a wide range of products for international manufacturers as varied as, and amongst many others, Fritz Hansen, Wilkhahn, Knoll, Belux and Cassina...

NeoCon Chicago 2016: High Five!!

...Horsepower by Antenna Design for Knoll Good design is, as we recently noted, not necessarily a case of finding the correct solution but of correctly understanding the question... Which is also the reason why we were immediately taken by Antenna Design's Horsepower for Knoll...

smow Blog Interview: Glen Oliver Löw - I have always been of the opinion that design begins with a problem.

...In 2000 Glen Oliver Löw returned to Germany where he took up a professorial position at the Hochschule für bildende Künste, HFBK, in Hamburg and established a design studio in the city from where he has realised projects with clients such as Thonet, Steelcase and Knoll...

smow blog Design Calendar: March 10th 1915 – Happy Birthday Harry Bertoia!

...A classical example of a prodigious artistic talent Harry Bertoia initially studied art in Detroit before in 1937 he was awarded the aforementioned scholarship for Cranbrook Academy of Art where he studied painting and drawing, and got to know the likes of Walter Gropius, Carl Milles, Charles Eames, Maija Grotell, Florence Knoll, Eero Saarinen, Ray Kaiser et al... After taking a series of jobs Harry Bertoia was approached in 1950 by Florence Knoll with an invitation to work with her and her husband Hans's fledgling furniture company, an offer Bertoia duly accepted and which resulted in 1952 in the release of the Diamond Chair collection - one of the best known examples of 1950s American furniture design, a product family which placed Harry Bertoia alongside Eames, Nelson, Saarinen et al at the forefront of mid-century American modernism, and a commercial success which gave Harry Bertoia the financial security to concentrate on his sculpture work: For much like his contemporary Isamu Noguchi, Harry Bertoia always understood himself primarily as a sculptor, and much like Noguchi saw his product design work as an exploration of the borders of his sculpting and an opportunity to test his art in other contexts...

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