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Luciano Vistosi

Luciano Vistosi grew up in a family of glass craftsmen, and from his childhood onwards learned to appreciate the material. Following the death of his father, he founded a company with his brother and his uncle with the goal to combine contemporary design with classic craftsmanship. The main focus was on lighting designs. At work Vistosi, a left-hander, was forced by this 'handicap' to make many of the tools himself, thereby developing excellent craftsmanship beyond glass. From the late 1960s onwards, he increasingly turned to the production of glass sculptures, sculptures that received worldwide recognition, as did functional objects such as the Onfale glass lamp for the lamp manufacturer Artemide. For Luciano Vistosi, in addition to the quality of his products, the focus was also on perfect design, design which leaves no questions unanswered.

Glass designer Luciano Vistosi