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Thin-K Dining Table

Luciano Bertoncini

Luciano Bertoncini is considered to be one of the most important, though sometimes underestimated, protagonists of contemporary Italian design. Born in 1939 in Feltre, he first studied technical drawing before moving to Treviso, where he began to work in the architectural office of Vittorio Rossi, gathering his first experiences in the field of architecture and design. At that time arose his first furniture designs, such as the Zaterra bed, whose minimalist and reduced design was far ahead of his time. An important milestone in the career of Bertoncini's is the collaboration with the designer Joe Colombo: at that time serving as art director for the manufacturer Elco, Colombo took Bertoncini's Gronda clothes rack into the company's portfolio. When Colomba, unexpectedly, died, Bertoncini took over the final phase of the exhibition "Italy: the new domestic landscape" at MoMA New York. Today, Bertoncini develops architecture and design projects from his own office in Treviso. For Kristalia he designed both the dining table Thin-K and the table Rotor.