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Loop Stand Hall

Leif Jørgensen

Leif Jørgensen, designer of the Hay clothes rack Stand Hall, founded his first design studio in 1989 and was active as a partner in the following years in various companies. In his design work, Jørgensen can draw on decades of experience and a steadily growing network. In addition to the design of furniture, a particular passion for Jørgensen is creating interiors be that offices, private and public buildings or retail locations. Especially in context of the later the Dane is a designer who not only designs spaces and products, but also contributes to an integral part of a brand and the design strategy of the respective client. With his own studio, which he founded in 2012 under his own name, Leif Jørgensen is thus responsible for the interior design of the showrooms of Louis Vuitton and Diesel in Copenhagen.

Designer Leif Jørgensen