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Tray Tables
About A Chair AAC 22
Mags Sofa
Hee Lounge Chair
Hee Dining Chair
Palissade Table
Strap Mirror
Copenhague Round Table CPH20
DLM - Don't Leave Me
Palissade Chair
Palissade Bench
Hee Bar Stool
J77 Chair
Palissade Lounge Chair Low
Revolver Bar Stool
J110 Chair
Copenhague Desk CPH90
About A Lounge Chair High AAL 92
Dot Cushion 2x1
About A Chair AAC 12
Dot Cushion 2x2
Loop Stand Hall
About A Lounge Ottoman AAL 03
About A Chair AAC 20
Turn On
Fifty-Fifty Mini
Tulou Coffee Table
Mags Sofa with Récamière
About A Stool AAS 38
Copenhague Table CPH30
About A Lounge Sofa for Comwell
Can Sofa
About A Stool AAS 32
Palissade Lounge Sofa
About A Lounge Chair Low AAL 82
Dot Cushion Tint
Moiré Kelim
Can Lounge Chair
Seat Cushion for Palissade Dining Armchair
Seat Cushion for Palissade Lounge Sofa
About A Chair Seat Pad
Silhouette Sofa Mono
Rebar Table
Seat Cushion for Palissade Lounge Chair
Fifty-Fifty Table
Palissade Dining Armchair
Glides (1 set) for Hay Chairs
Raw Rug No 2
Palissade Dining Bench
Seat Cushion for Palissade Dining Bench
Fifty-Fifty Floor
Dot Cushion Soft

About Hay

Established in 2002, the young Scandinavian manufacturer Hay has set itself the aim of returning the Danish furniture design to the innovative standards of the 1950s and 1960s which helped establish the term "Danish design" as a by-word for international quality: albeit in a contemporary context. The inaugural Hay collection was premièred in context of the 2003 IMM Cologne trade fair and garnered universal praise for its combination of functional and beautiful design with creative design and innovative technology. Aside from the desire to create honest and sensible designs Hay also strive to produce furniture which is affordable: high-quality designs should not to be the exclusive preserve of the well-heeled, but also be affordable to a younger public. In the tension between fundamental architectural insights and the dynamics of fashion Hay have developed projects in collaboration with designers such as Hee Welling and Stefan Diez which have regularly surprised the industry with their fresh, unpretentious design.

Ensemble from the Hay Copenhague Collection.

About a Chair

The Hay About A Chair Collection by Copenhagen native Hee Welling was developed for Hay in 2010, yet transmits and unmistakable classic aura. The chair series About a Chair includes a variety of interpretations of the familiar shell chair, from a simple all-purpose chair with plastic seat shell to the padded lounge chair, and combines linear design with comfort and adaptability. Different seat forms, frames, colours and upholstery enable numerous combinations and make the About A Chair collection an inspiring family of chairs and seats for all situations, private and public.

Hay designs are stylish, functional and reduced.

Copenhague Collection

Hays outstanding importance for contemporary design in Scandinavia is perfectly demonstrated by projects such as the Copenhague Collection by the French design duo Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, a collection of tables and chairs. The Copenhague Collection was created in 2012 in context of a contract for furniture for a new Copenhagen University building. The collection, reduced and practical but at the same time inviting and unconventional, embodies with its use of high-quality materials the philosophy of Hay: the combination of simple beauty, with a hint of pragmatism and a resolute implementation of perfect, everyday furniture.

A selection of models from the Hay About a Chair collection.

Wrong for Hay

The Design Collaboration Wrong for Hay debuted in 2013 at the London Design Festival with a collection of furniture, lighting and accessories. The creative mind behind Wrong for Hay is the London-based designer Sebastian Wrong, who combines the close network between designers, manufacturers, dealers and customers in Scandinavia and Germany that Hay currently enjoys, with the creative, eclectic potential London , bringing in local talent with the aim of expanding the network and relationships. Hays principle of good design at realistic prices was also valid for Wrong for Hay and its diverse portfolio, presented works by established as well as establishing designers. In 2016 the products of the Wrong for Hay label were integrated into the mother label Hay.

More about 'HAY' in our blog

smow blog compact Milan 2016 special: HAY

...Established in 2002 Danish label HAY have quickly risen to become an important player in the European furniture and home accessories market, and in many ways have also served as the archetype for the innumerable new labels that have sprung up across the continent in the last five to six years... Yet to judge by the scale, breadth and obvious cost of their presentation at Milan 2016 HAY are clearly not planning resting on their laurels any time soon: here is brand, we were informed, moving up a level and prepared to throw everything at the expansion...

Orgatec Cologne 2014: New Order by Stefan Diez for Hay

...At the risk of overusing the phrase "a concept that grows on us the more XXXX adds to it" and so reducing a genuine sign of respect to irrelevant dribble: Stefan Diez's New Order system for HAY is a concept that grows on us the more Stefan Diez adds to it... We're absolutely certain HAY did have other new products in Cologne...

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