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About A Chair AAC 22
About A Lounge Sofa for Comwell
About A Chair AAC 12
About A Lounge Chair High AAL 92
About A Lounge Ottoman AAL 03
About A Stool AAS 32
About A Stool AAS 38
About A Glides (Set of 4)
About A Chair AAC 21
About A Chair Seat Pad
About A Lounge Chair Low AAL 82
About A Chair AAC 20
About A Chair AAC 222

The Hay About A Chair collection by Hee Welling

Danish designer Hee Welling has been working with the Danish furniture manufacturer Hay for many years and in that time has developed numerous products for the Hay portfolio, including, amongst others, the About A Chair collection from 2010. Featuring numerous objects the About A Chair collection is a series of seating furniture in a simple Scandinavian design, with clear colours and an exciting mix of wood, stainless steel, textiles and plastic.

AAC 222 with high seat shell in Slate Blue 2.0

The Diversity of the About A Chair collection

The About A Chair seating furniture owes its adaptability and versatility not only to its simple appearance, but for all to the extremely simple construction principle: as with the plastic chairs by Ray and Charles Eames, the chairs in the About A Chair collection consist of different base frames in combination with a range of seat shells crafted from a polypropylene made from 100 percent recycled material.

In addition to the wide selection of kitchen chairs, dining chairs and office chairs, the About A Chair collection is complemented by bar stools and upholstered furniture such as armchairs and sofas from the About A Lounge series.

From inexpensive all-purpose chairs without armrests to upholstered chairs to elegant swivel chairs with leather upholstery, the collection covers a wide price range and a variety of situations.

AAC 20 as a universally applicable swivel chair

AAC 21, padded and with an inviting seat shell

About a Chair armchair and side chair collection

The AAC side chairs: The AAC side chair seat shells in combination with 7 different base frames create a range of chairs that can be used in particular as all-purpose chairs in the kitchen, study or office; for example, the Hay About A Chair AAC 12 chair with a four-legged base made of oak is particularly suitable as a kitchen chair.

The AAC armchairs: The AAC armchair seat shells are combined with 6 different base frame types and include the AAC 22 with a robust base made of veneered beech wood or the Hay AAC 20 swivel chair with a four-star base, which is also perfect as a desk chair. While with the AAC 21 Hay also produces a particularly elegant version: a seat shell upholstered with a leather or textile cover.

The AAC 100 chairs with even more comfort: The AAC 100 seat shells have a generous seat and a higher backrest which offers even greater comfort. Various base frames and numerous upholstery and covers are available.

AAC 22 from Hay with armrests

AAC 12 from Hay without armrests

Bar Stool About A Stool

The AAC collection is complemented by the bar and kitchen stool series About A Stool. Like the other seating furniture in the AAC collection, the AAS bar stools are characterized by their simple but concise design. Available in two seat heights, the AAS stools can be used not only at the counter, but also in the kitchen as well as for meetings and meals in the office. Depending on the version and base the AAS kitchen stools are crafted from veneered beech plywood, polypropylene or stainless steel and are available in numerous colours. The AAS 38, for example, has a delicate base frame made of powder-coated stainless steel, while the AAS 32 is equipped with a base frame made of beech wood with oak veneer.

Hay About A Stool 38 in azure blue

Hay About A Stool 32

Upholstered furniture About A Lounge

About A Lounge Low Chair with sofa

Hee Welling's About A Lounge collection takes up the design language of the About A Chair series. The About A Lounge sofas, stools and armchairs can be perfectly arranged to form inviting seating groups, but also offer plenty of space for comfort and relaxation on their own. Thanks to the variety of possible combinations of base frames and cover materials, the About A Lounge upholstered furniture can also be perfectly tailored to individual tastes and the respective furnishing concept. Stylistically, the About A Lounge series focuses on elegance and reduction, but with its reserved retro charm it still always looks inviting and homely.