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Martino Gamper

Italian-born Martino Gamper is a true all-rounder. After studying sculpture with Michelangelo Pistoletto in Vienna, he moved to London where he continued his studies under the direction of Ron Arad, before finally becoming a designer. Gamper is of the opinion that the pursuit of perfect design is an illusion. According to him, design is something very emotional and personal, something that often emerges from the moment. This is reflected in his most famous project 100 chairs in 100 Days, where the designer designed, well, 100 chairs in 100 days, and thereby illustrated what happened with a chair when one pulles it from its original context and puts it into a new, seemingly strange one. The unique but whimsical chairs were exhibited in London, Milan, and San Francisco. He initiated a similar project in Milan: For In State of Repair, he asked the Milanese to donate their scrap so that it could be reprocessed by artists. Creative development here had top priority, Gamper holds little of mass media. Nevertheless, he works with manufacturers such as Prada, Upritchard, Magis, and Moroso. Additionally, he designs shop window installations and designs as well as interior installations. Martino Gamper has no limits when creating innovative designs.

The creations of the Italian designer Martino Gamper are always something special