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Happy Bin

Michel Charlot

Michel Charlot was born in Switzerland, grew up in France and currently lives and works in Porto. After graduating from the École Cantonale d'Art Lausanne, Michel first worked for Jasper Morrison in Paris before moving to Basel in 2011. His goal is always to design appealing, rational and, above all, functional products that should contribute to the well-being of their users. And be cost-effective. The industrial designer is inspired by products in his environment, objects which he believes can be optimized. Among his many creations one finds the award-winning U-Turn lamp, which thanks to its flexible light head can be used in a variety of positions, and the Happy Bin, more sculpture than trash can. Today, Charlot works together with NAVA Design and Vitra. He also teaches industrial design at his former Alma mater, the ECAL Lausanne, as well as at the Tama Art University in Tokyo.

Designer Michel Charlot

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Jasper Morrison - Thingness @ Grassi Museum for Applied Arts Leipzig

...Designer Michel Charlot, a former employee in Morrison's Paris office and responsible for the scenography and exhibition design since the very beginning, since Thingness's pre-history as an exhibtion of Morrison's 1980s designs for Belgian retailer Gyselink in Kortijk, has seen it untold times more than us: not only in its finished forms, but in the preparations for each showcase... Such an understanding of Jasper Morrison, and by extrapolation design, can be learned in Thingness, but what has Michel Charlot learned from his time with Jasper Morrison?...

A&W Mentor Prize 2016: Michel Charlot

...2016's A&W Designer of the Year Jasper Morrison choose Swiss designer Michel Charlot, a designer he knows, and has already "mentored" during Michel's tenure in Japser Morrison's office, however, and somewhat obviously, we wanted to know, why had Jasper Morrison chosen Michel Charlot, what does he like about Michel's work?... " Thus, and suitably armed, we approached Michel Charlot...

(smow) blog compact Milan 2014 Special: Vitra @ Salone del Mobile

...New products by Barber Osgerby, Jasper Morrison, Hella Jongerius and a re-launch of the legendary Landi Chair by Hans Coray together with the Davy Table from Michel Charlot - a new product inspired by the Landi Chair and intended as an accompanying piece - complete a fascinating collection of new products...

Swiss Design Awards 2013

...We are however delighted to report that among the winners were our old chums U-Turn by Michel Charlot and the team at Depot Basel...

Orgatec 2012 Interview: Michel Charlot over U-Turn for Belux

...However since 2001 Belux has been part of the Vitra family and at Orgatec 2012 they made good use of their family connections to unveil the latest addition to their portfolio, U-Turn by ECAL Lausanne graduate Michel Charlot... U-Turn by Michel Charlot for Belux is very reminiscent of Standing Task Light - just with a few differences...

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