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Max Frommeld

Max Frommeld has devoted himself to the refinement of our daily life, always asking questions and searching to improve those objects with which we are constantly dealing. A fine example of this is his Strammer Max for Nils Holger Moormann - an innovative and witty reinterpretation of the classic stool. Max Frommeld began his career at the Ravensbourg College in England before moving to Germany in 2004. After his bachelor studies Max Frommeld returned to the UK and the Royal College of Art. Since graduating in 2011 Max has been based in London.

Designer Max Frommeld

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World Furniture Day 2012

Although it would be wrong to say that we misled you in saying that there would be no Moormann furniture at IMM Cologne. There was one piece. A brave, young Strammer Max Not in Cologne however as representative of his designer or producer, but as the Global...

new at smow: Strammer Max by Max Frommeld for Moormann

...And with Strammer Max, Max Frommeld has helped Moormann, once again, move the borders of what is acceptable in designer furniture...

smow in Milan: Moormann

...Strammer Max from Max Frommeld, for example, is a stool - the stability and support for which comes from the tightly wound rope between the two legs...

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