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CH24 Wishbone Chair
CH24 Wishbone Chair Soft Colours
MG501 Cuba Chair
CH07 Shell Chair
Care Kit Wood Carl Hansen & Søn
CH78 Mama Bear Chair
CH23 Dining Chair
CH20 Elbow Chair
CH25 Lounge Chair
CH26 Dining Chair
CH22 Lounge Chair
CH417 Tray Table
KK47000 Safari Chair
SH900 Extend
CH26 Ilse Crawford Edition
Special Edition
CH23 Ilse Crawford Edition
Special Edition
ND54 High Chair
CH22 Ilse Crawford Edition
Special Edition
CH24 Ilse Crawford Edition
Special Edition
CH25 Ilse Crawford Edition
Special Edition
MG501 Cuba Chair, Oiled oak, Natural paper yarn

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For a limited period only, Wegner's legendary CH24 Wishbone Chair is available as a strictly limited Birthday Edition in lacquered mahogany!

About Carl Hansen & Søn

Hans Wegner design classics from Carl Hansen & Søn

Established in 1908 in Odense, Denmark, the furniture manufacturer Carl Hansen & Søn can now look back on a more than one hundred year tradition of successful furniture production. The Danish company is dedicated to producing exquisite designer furniture and has established a reputation for always striving to combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary methods of mass production: a philosophy based on the simple belief that high quality furniture should be available at affordable prices. In this context Carl Hansen & Søn regularly cooperates with interesting and forward thinking Danish architects for the creation of the unmistakably Scandinavian tables, dining chairs, and armchairs which form the Carl Hansen portfolio. A particularly fruitful association proved to be that with Hans J. Wegner, an architect who as early as 1940 created furniture for the new City Hall in the Danish city of Aarhus - a building in turn designed by Arne Jacobsen and Eric Møller. Hans J. Wegner was to go on to produce many of Carl Hansen & Søn's best known and best loved furniture designs, including in 1950 the internationally acclaimed CH24 Wishbone Chair, a work of exquisite precision which over the intervening decades has become a genuine design classic. More recently younger designers have played an ever more central role in the development of the Carl Hansen & Søn portfolio, younger designers such as Morten Gottler, creator of the MG501 Cuba Chair. In 2003 Carl Hansen & Søn moved from their original home in Odense to Aarup where they produce their furniture in a modern factory. And with respect for traditional crafts.

Wishbone Chairs from Carl Hansen & Søn

CH24 Wishbone Chair

Carl Hansen dining table CH327

CH26 Dining Chair and CH20 Elbow Chair by Hans J. Wegner

Carl Hansen Lounge Chair CH25

Carl Hansen Wishbone Chair

Carl Hansen children's chair

View of the production at Carl Hansen & Søn - ca. 1927