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Graphic Print Pillows, Love, red
Wooden Doll Little Devil
Wooden Dolls Mother Fish & Child
Vertiko Lack shelf, Version 3, Crimson red, Without base
Algue, Red
Ulmer Hocker in Colour, Flame red
Stepstool Mono, Purple red
Stool-Tool, Poppy red
Cocotte Side Table, Chili
La Bohème Vase, La Bohème 3, Red
Pouf Fat Tom, 3-layer, with legs, Red
Friedrich Mirror, Red ash
369 Classic Edition, Fabric Divina red
Coat rack Sciangai, Burgundy varnished oak
Aluminium Group EA 117, Chrome-plated, Leather, Red
O-Tidy, Red (poppy red)
Click Deck Chair, Paprika
Uten.Silo II, Red
Hang It All, Red: Balls red tones
Capisco 8106, Xtreme red, Black
Toobe, Height 170 cm, Red
Panton Chair, Classic red
Coat Dots Set of 3 , Red
Happy Bin, S (H 29,5 x Ø 23,5 cm), Poppy red
Bicoca Table Lamp, Red wine
Oslo Sofa, 2 Seater, Fabric Steelcut red
Beanbag Sacco, Vip red
V44 Side Table, Ruby red (RAL 3003), Glides
New colours
Kaiser Idell 6631-P, Ruby
Click Chair, Without armrests, Paprika
Sunburst Clock, Red
375 Classic Edition, Low back, Fabric Harald red grape
TV-Lowboard R 109N, Self-coloured, Ruby red (RAL 3003), Industrial castors
New colours
Saarinen Tulip Armchair, Swivel, Upholstered inner shell and seat cushion, White, Bright Red (Tonus 130)
Le Soleil Sospensione, Red
FL / Y, Transparent, Red
Pendant Lamp A201, Bordeaux red
Stool Mezzadro, Red
Twiggy Terra, Crimson
K8, K8A: Ø 44 x H 50 cm, Red
D4, Cavalry cloth, red
Roxxane Fly, Red, Without USB plug-in power supply
Discus, Large, red
Tolomeo Tavolo Micro, Red
Trolley R 103N, Self-coloured, Ruby red (RAL 3003), Transparent castors
New colours
Ball Clock, Red
Come Together, Red
Eames Elephant Small, Poppy red
214 Two-Tone, Velvet Red
Eclisse, Red
Componibili Smile, Type 3
Componibili Round - 2 Compartments, Red
CH24 Wishbone Chair Soft Edition, Soft Red
Special Edition
Turning Tray, S (23 x 45 cm), Black/Red
118 High Gloss, Dark Red
Happy Zoo Lotte, Red
AJ Station Table Clock, burgundy / white
B25, Red
Eames Elephant, Poppy red
Bowler Table, Tile red
Soft Pad Group EA 217, Chrome-plated, Red
Oblique Trolley K3CR, Red
Egg Chair, Hallingdal 65, 674 - Red, Without footstool
S 43 Classics in Colour, Tomato red, Stained beech, Black (TP 29)
Folding Table Cumano, Amaranth
USM Haller Bar Trolley, USM ruby red
TAC Chair, Red (glossy), Oiled walnut
Panthella Mini Table Lamp, Red
Componibili Round - 4 Compartments, Red
Flowerpot VP1 Pendant Lamp, Red Brown
Kaiser Idell 6631-T Luxus, Ruby
Folding Stool Falter, Red
Set B 9, Painted , Tomato Red (RAL 3013)
Taj Mini, Opaque-orange red
F51 Gropius Armchair, Cavalry cloth, Red, Black lacquered ash
Alcove Sofa, Three-seater (H94 x W237 x D84 cm), Laser, Red
Aslak Chair, varnished red
PH 5, Hues of Red
Pressed Chair, True Red glossy

Fascinating world of colours: Red

Vitra chairs by Charles and Ray Eames

Red is perceived as a warm colour and popularly associated with romance, fire, passion, drama and danger. Despite its strong dominance, red can be successfully integrated into the interior design with a little care and planning. Carefully selected home accessories in shades of red and one or two extravagant pieces of furniture can be used sparingly to create an exciting, dynamic and yet cozy atmosphere. As one of the three primary colours, red cannot be mixed from other colours. The spectrum of red tones is diverse and the different shades of red, depending on the blue and yellow content, i.e. depending on the colour temperature, create very different moods. Red pigments are very valuable and were previously reserved for the nobility and other privileged people, thus, shades of red such as purple and vermilion have been associated with extravagance, luxury and power for many centuries.

AJ Table Lamp from Louis Poulsen

Pressed Chair from Nils Holger Moormann

Strong red for strong accents in the living area

Due to its dominant effect the colour red should be used with care when decorating walls and furniture. The size of the room in particular plays a major role in the choice of wall colour, as red walls visually reduce the space. Large living rooms with high ceilings can be uniquely staged by a red painted wall. If you prefer coloured highlights, but don't want to redesign your walls, you can show courage to colour with sparingly used red home accessories or furniture. Red is often used in the kitchen and dining room because the colour is said to have an appetizing and comforting effect - who is not familiar with the red upholstered seating in classic American Diners? In terms of combination, of course, anything you like is allowed, but there are some tips here too: pink softens the powerful effect of the red and emphasizes above all the cheerful properties of the colour. Red looks particularly cozy and down-to-earth in combination with light woods and white, similarly dramatic and at the same time contemporary in combination with black. Red creates complementary contrasts with the green opposite in the colour wheel for exciting effects. Here, however, it is advisable to use subtle shades, since the contrasts otherwise become too dominant and spread unrest.

Vitra Shell Chairs

Montana sideboard Keep

Courage for colour: a red wall and Montana furniture

Individual colour consulting at smow

You are seeking a special colour concept for your home, would like advice on the choice of colour for a particular project, or you are looking for colour-coordinated curtains for your interior design? Our smow furnishing consultants will be happy to assist. In our smow stores you will not only find high-quality designer furniture in a wide range of colours, but also a wide variety of fabric and material samples as well as wallpapers, curtains and much more. Drop in and let yourself be inspired.

Montana unit Free