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Interior design with multicoloured accents

Nesting Tables
Bulb Wall Hooks
Anglepoise & Paul Smith Type 75 - Edition 1
Special Edition
Shuffle Side Table
Rood Blauwe Stoel Miniature
Gio Ponti Art Edition
Special Edition
Anglepoise & Paul Smith Type 75 - Edition 3
Special Edition
Panton Chairs Miniature (Set of 5)
Acapulco Chair Oaxaca
Colour Block Blanket
Runner Tisvilde
Colour Frame Mirror
Standard Bearer small
Anglepoise & Paul Smith Type 75 - Edition 4
Special Edition
Hang It All, Classic: Balls multicoloured
Red and Blue
Weekday Bench Duo
Ceramic Table
Thierry Side Table
Famille Garage Dresser (small)
Rug Multitone
Wooden Dolls, No. 01
Wooden Dolls, No. 03
Wooden Dolls, No. 04
Wooden Dolls, No. 05
Wooden Dolls, No. 11
Wooden Dolls, No. 12
Wooden Dolls, No. 19
Francis Table, Ø 75 cm, Black
Gnomes, Attila, Multicoloured
Gnomes, Napoleon, Multicoloured
Sunburst Clock, Multicoloured
Ball Clock, Multicoloured
Bourgie, X2-multicoloured pink
Click Rocking Chair, Multicolor 1
Colour Cabinet L, Open
Découpage Vase, Disque
Shibuya, Orange-Violet-Smoke
Francis Mirror, Ø 110 cm, Blue-Purple
Dots Wall Hooks Set of 5, Colour mix
Bourgie, X3-multicoloured light blue
Pinocchio, ø 90 cm, Multi colour
Acapulco Side Table Outdoor, Colores México / black
Girard Classic Trays, L, Grid multicolour
PC Portable, Ocean green
Click Chair, Without armrests, Multicolor 1
Click Deck Chair, Multicolor 1
Francis Mirror, Ø 60 cm, Pink-Yellow
Shibuya, Smoke-yellow-blue
Shuffle Side Table, Spectrum (MDF, PU lacquered / solid oak)
USM Haller Sideboard for Kids, Multicoloured
USM Haller Sideboard for Kids, Multicoloured
USM Haller Lowboard for Kids, Multicoloured

Fascinating world of colours: Multicoloured

Click rocking chair from Houe

While all colours have their own charms and appeal, there is something particularly satisfying in the interplay of different strong colours such as bright yellow, bright red or clear sea blue. In the interior, colourful colour accents stand for cheerfulness, joie de vivre and a good mood. Thus since the 1960s, a focus in interior design has no longer been on minimalism and functionality, but rather on loud, shrill, ironic and colourful objects, such as those of, for example, the flower power movement and pop art design. Furniture designs in bright colours from the then new plastics or colourful patterned home textiles stood for a break with all the traditional and embodied the longing for vitality and something new. When it comes to the interior, however, one should not overwhelm the eyes with too many bright colours. It is therefore advisable to combine bright colour accents with a neutral base shade such as white or light grey. Multicoloured concepts can be jazzed up with appropriate home accessories and individual furniture. Colourful walls can also work wonders in the interior, whereby it is advisable to set accents. Smaller, brightly painted areas or selected individual walls in an attractive hue provide for pop highlights without being intrusive.

Anglepoise table lamp

Vitra Sunburst Clock by George Nelson

Child's chest of drawers from Richard Lampert

Vitra Panton Chair Junior

Individual colour advice from smow

Are you searching for a special colour concept for your interior, would you like advice on the choice of colour, or are you looking for colour-coordinated curtains for your existing interior design? Our smow furnishing consultants will be happy to assist you. In our smow stores you will not only find high-quality designer furniture in a wide rang of colours, but also a wide variety of fabric and material samples as well as wallpapers, curtains and much more. Visit us and let yourself be inspired.

The Eames Plastic Chairs and Vitra Fiber Chairs are available in a wide range of colours