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M4RS smow20 Anniversary Edition
With Gift
Runner Gilleleje
Bubble Club Armchair, Green
Flowerpot VP3 Table lamp, Signal Green
Atelier Chair, Beech green lacquer
Puppy, Large (H 55,5 x W 42 x D 69,5 cm), Polyethylene (intended for use outdoors), Green matt (1360 C)
AJ Station Table Clock, green / white
Eames Plastic Armchair DAR, Forest, With seat upholstery, Ivory / forest, Standard version - 43 cm, Chrome-plated
Stool E60, Seat lacquered green, Legs birch clear varnished
Tip Ton, Industrial Green
Kaiser Idell 6631-T Luxus, Dark green
FL / Y, Transparent, Sage
USM Haller Bar Trolley, USM green
Algue, Green
Alcove Sofa, Three-seater (H94 x W237 x D84 cm), Laser, Green
Pouf Fat Tom, 3-layer, with legs, Green
Click Chair, Without armrests, Olive green
LAR, Green, Without upholstery, Coated basic dark
Plant Box H 45, Olive
PH 5, Hues of Green
Battery, Transparent green
Restore Storage Basket, Dusty green
RETROit Cobana Outdoor, Green
AJ Table Lamp, Dark green
360° Container, 1270 mm (10 shelves), Green
S1 Sideboard, Oiled walnut - Green/grey
Stool Little Tom, 2-layer, Velour grass green
CH24 Wishbone Chair Soft Colours, Soft Green
Petite Machine Table Lamp, Moss Green
Luxembourg Armchair, Cedar green
Rotary Tray, Palm green
CH25 Ilse Crawford Edition, Seaweed
Componibili Round - 4 Compartments, Green
Cover Side Chair, Green
USM Haller Sideboard M, Customisable, USM green, Open, with extension door
USM Haller Highboard M, Customisable, USM green, With drop-down door, With drop-down door, With drop-down door
Ulmer Hocker in Colour, Apple green
Plant Box round, Olive
Egg Chair, Christianshavn, Christianshavn 1161 - Dark green, Satin polished aluminium, Without footstool
Click Lounge Chair, Dusty light green
Trolley R 103N, Self-coloured, May green (RAL 6017), Transparent castors
Polder Sofa, Left armrest, Fabric mix green
Beanbag Sacco, Vip green
PC Pendant Lamp, Ø 25 cm, Emerald Green
Turn On, Green
TV Lowboard R 109N, Self-coloured, May green (RAL 6017), Industrial castors
Palissade Lounge Chair Low, Olive
Eames Plastic Side Chair DSW, Green, Without upholstery, Without upholstery, Standard version - 43 cm, Dark maple
4 + Gift
Can Lounge Chair 2.0, Fabric Steelcut 975 - Fir, Black
Bell Side Table, Brass with clear varnish, Emerald green
Masters, Sage
Eames Elephant, Palm green
Cocotte Side Table, Cedar green
Coat Dots Set of 3 , Green
Week-End Bench, Without backrest, Jade Green
Barcelona Relax Day Bed, Leather Bauhaus - green
Tray Tables, H 40/44 x W 40 x D 40 cm, Peppermint green - High gloss
Aluminium Group EA 107 / EA 108, EA 108 - swivelling, Chrome-plated, Hopsak, Ivory / forest
Panton Chair Classic, Green
4 + Gift
A.I., Green
Eames Elephant Small, Palm green
Flowerpot VP1 Pendant Lamp, Signal Green
Taj Mini, Transparent green
Fri, Balder 982 - Dark green
RETROit Cobana Drum Outdoor, Green
Blow Side Table, Emerald, Ø 42 x H 46.5 cm
Carrie Table Lamp, Olive
Citizen, Highback, Emerald/ivy, Without neck pillow
Grain Pendant Lamp, Dusty Green
118 High Gloss, Mint
String Pocket, Sage lacquered
Mariposa Sofa, 3 Seater (H80,5 x W198 x D101,5 cm), Laser light grey/pastel green
Ikeru Vase, Ø 16 x H 23,9 cm
Generic C, Sage
High Tray, Ivy
Dot Cushion Soft, Dark green
Chair TT54, Reseda green
Weber Side Table, Olive
Aluminium Group EA 117, Chrome-plated, Hopsak, Grass green / forest
Plant Box H 65, Olive
Cocotte Side Table, Cactus
Hang It All, Green: Balls green tones
Quasar, Olive green

Fascinating world of colours: green

Vitra Panton Chair in a confident green

Green is a colour with which we are especially familiar and conversant: not least because green is the colour of nature and reminds us of meadows and forests. So it is no wonder that green tones are grounding, harmonising and bringing us into balance. As nature always implies growth and vitality, green is a colour that we combine with freshness, naturalness, hope and harmony. Thanks to all these positive properties, green in its numerous shades is also popular in Interior Design projects and, when used correctly, brings a natural familiarity with it.

USM Haller installation

Interior design with harmonious shades of green

As green is not one of the primary colours, but is mixed from yellow and blue, the yellow and blue components define how the green appears. A warm, juicy green has a high percentage of yellow, while a less saturated, cool green has a higher proportion of blue. Combined with shades of blue, the colour green has a room-expanding and calming effect. In contrast with red, the colour tone has a stimulating effect. The complementary contrast between red and green can quickly cause unrest in the interior and should therefore be subdued and used with care. Green is also ideally suited as a wall paint, because it doesn't matter whether light or dark green, it never constricts. With its regenerating effect, green supports concentration in the office and spreads a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere in the living room. Depending on the furnishings, a delicate mint green or warm, earthy and natural dark green tones can enhance a kitchen.

Muuto furniture in delicate pastel green

USM Haller clothes rack

Individual colour consulting at smow

You are seeking a special colour concept for your home, would like advice on the choice of colour for a particular project, or you are looking for colour-coordinated curtains for your interior design? Our smow furnishing consultants will be happy to assist. In our smow stores you will not only find high-quality designer furniture in a wide range of colours, but also a wide variety of fabric and material samples as well as wallpapers, curtains and much more. Drop in and let yourself be inspired.

Houe Click lounger