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E27 Pendant Lamp
Framed Mirror
Cover Chair
The Dots
New colours
Around Coffee Table
Restore Storage Basket
Unfold Pendant Lamp
The Dots Set of 5
Fluid Pendant Lamp
Mini Stacked 2.0
Restore Tray
Restore Round Basket
Fiber Armchair
Pull Standing Lamp
Visu Chair
The Dots Metal Set of 5
Mini Stacked
Grain Pendant Lamp
Ambit Pendant Lamp
New colour
Control Table Lamp
Stacked Shelf Module 2.0
Leaf Floor Lamp
Rest Sofa
Leaf Table Lamp
Ply Rug
Workshop Coffee Table
Outline Studio Chair
Reflect Sideboard
Connect Sofa Lounge
Reflect Drawer
Oslo Chair
Connect Sofa
Outline Sofa
Oslo Sofa
Linear Bench Outdoor
Nerd Chair
Outline Studio Sofa
Beam Table lamp
Pebble Rug
Linear Table Outdoor
Fiber Lounge Chair
Outline Chair
Outline Chair Twill Edition (smow exclusive)
Special Edition
Cover Lounge Chair
Stacked 2.0 Podium
Loft Chair
Outline Highback Sofa
Mimic Mirror
Outline Sofa Twill Edition (smow exclusive)
Special Edition
Under the Bell Pendant Lamp


The company

Danish furniture manufacturer Muuto was founded in Copenhagen by Peter Bonnén and Kristian Byrge and, despite its newcomer status, already enjoys an established reputation in the design world. The name Muuto derives from the Finnish term "muutos", which translates to "new perspective" and underlines the philosophy of the company to design and view everyday objects in a whole new way. Here, the Danish manufacturer preferentially cooperates with young designers from Scandinavia, who give the reduced, soft coloured designed Muuto designer furniture, lighting, and home accessories an innovative, fresh look. While, for example, the Reflect Sideboard combines the fifties mid-century modernism with the reduced, Danish style, the E27 pendant lamp is all about modern industrial design. Lovers of the Nordic lifestyle will be at home with designs by designers such as Mattias Ståhlbom, Julien de Smedt or Form Us With Love. Since the end of 2017, Muuto has been paving its way together with Knoll International, ushering in an exciting era of collaboration between a manufacturer of absolute Bauhaus classics and a young Scandinavian label!

As with other Muuto products, the E27 pendant light is all about Scandinavian design

smow sells exclusively originals from licensed manufacturers and is an official trading partner of Muuto.