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Eames Plastic Side Chair RE DSR Duotone
Runner Svaneke
Runner Gudhjem
Trolley R 103N, Self-coloured, Gentian (RAL 5010), Transparent castors
Eames Fiberglass Chair DSR, Eames navy blue, Polished chrome
Discus, Medium, blue
Componibili Round - 4 Compartments, Blue
Hang It All, White: Balls blue tones
USM Haller Bar Trolley Type I, Gentian blue RAL 5010
O-Tidy, Sea blue
Taj Mini, Transparent blue
Saarinen Tulip Chair, Swivel, Seat cushion, White, Night Blue (Eva 170)
Little Architect Table, Dark blue
Victoria Ghost, Transparent, Powder blue
Tray Tables, H 40/44 x W 40 x D 40 cm, Deep blue - High gloss
USM Haller Lowboard L with Extension, Customisable, Gentian blue RAL 5010, Open, Without cable entry hole
Flowerpot VP9 Portable, Cobalt Blue
375, Higher back, Fabric Harald ocean
D70, Fabric Arco - cobalt/mare, Powdercoated black
Componibili Round - 3 Compartments, Blue
Ulmer Hocker in Colour, Dark blue
Charles Ghost, Base 46 x Seat 29 x Height 75, Transparent, Powder blue
Eames Wool Blanket - Dot Pattern, Light blue
Petit Standard, Ultramarine blue stained oak, Ultramarine blue powder coated steel
RETROit Cobana Outdoor, Turquoise
USM Haller Sideboard L, Customisable, Gentian blue RAL 5010, Open, With 2 drop-down doors
Restore Round Basket, Midnight blue
Beanbag Sacco, Vip blue
360° Container, 1270 mm (10 shelves), Blue
RAR with Upholstery, Sea blue, With full upholstery, Sea blue / dark grey, Black, Basic dark/dark maple
The Dots, M (Ø 13 cm), Midnight blue
Panton Chair, Glacier blue
Sol Side Table, Royal blue
Week-End Chair, Without armrests, Blue
Flowerpot VP1 Pendant Lamp, Cobalt Blue
Rug/Runner Veronica, 140 x 200 cm, Blue
AJ Station Table Clock, petrol blue / white
Egg Chair, Christianshavn, Christianshavn 1155 - Dark blue, Satin polished aluminium, With footstool
RETROit Canvas Drum, Turquoise
Shibuya, Smoke-Dark smoke-Petroleum
Binic, Blue
PH 5, Hues of Blue
The Dots, M (Ø 13 cm), Pale blue
Colour Block Blanket, Black/blue
Tip Ton, Glacier blue
Ro, Christianshavn 1153 - Blue Uni, With footstool
Pressed Chair, Ultramarine blue glossy
Battery, Transparent blue
118 High Gloss, Dark Blue
Restore Storage Basket, Midnight blue
Panton Junior, Sea blue
Click Chair, Without armrests, Pigeon blue
Grace Serving trolley, Night blue
Workshop Lamp, W4 (Ø 50 cm), Blue
Dots Wall Hooks Set of 5, Aqua
Mini Kabuki, Transparent blue
Neotenic Table Lamp, H 51 cm, Blue
Polder Sofa, Left armrest, Fabric mix night blue
Fri, Christianshavn 1153 - Blue Uni

Fascinating world of colours: Blue

Andersen chest of drawers in shades of blue

The colour blue evokes ideas of the sea and is for many a favourite colour. Is there perhaps a connection? What is certain is that blue in all its shades is very much in demand in interior design projects. Blue is one of the three primary colours and is located on the cold side of the colour wheel. Thus, while the colour has a calming and concentration-promoting effect, depending on the shade, blue can have very different effects. Turquoise, for example, is rather playful and cheerful and a bright, clear blue spreads freshness and creates a positive mood. Darker shades of blue such as indigo can create a contemplative atmosphere through its relaxing and beneficial effect.

Fabula Living rug Veronica

Panton Chair from Vitra

Balancing blue for the optimal colour concept in the living area

The uses of the colour blue in the interior can be extremely diverse. Rooms in which blue elements dominate have a cool and refreshing effect, which is why blue is particularly popular in Mediterranean countries. In more northern regions, the more reflective properties of darker shades of blue are used. Here the colour is often combined with warm, natural tones and woods, the mix with other colours preventing the furnishings from appearing overly cold. In the living room, blue walls and furniture create a pleasant basic mood that can be enlivened by red elements or yellow tones. Subtle complementary contrasts, i. e. blue in combination with yellow or orange, appear cozy, yet invigorating, especially for home accessories. Various fresh, light shades of blue in combination with white furniture, wood or stainless steel are particularly popular for kitchen furnishings. In the bedroom or study, blue unfolds its calming and concentration-promoting character and creates a secure basic mood. A colour concept for the bedroom featuring blue tones in combination with cream tones, pinks or yellows appears less cold, much friendlier and more accessible.

Classicon mirror Piega

Individual colour consulting at smow

You are seeking a special colour concept for your home, would like advice on the choice of colour for a particular project, or you are looking for colour-coordinated curtains for your interior design? Our smow furnishing consultants will be happy to assist. In our smow stores you will not only find high-quality designer furniture in a wide range of colours, but also a wide variety of fabric and material samples as well as wallpapers, curtains and much more. Drop in and let yourself be inspired.

Panton Wire shelving from Montana

Sticks clothes stand from Schönbuch