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Accessoires & Presents

Wooden Dolls
Ball Clock
Seat Dots
smow Gift Certificate
Uten.Silo I
True Colour Vase
Eames House Bird
Eames Radio
Special Edition
Rotary Tray
Night Clock
Uten.Silo II
Norman Foster Waste Bin
Eye Clock
Eames Elephant Small
Objects Ikebana Vase
Eames House Bird Walnut
Piega Mirror
Objects Pouf
Strap Mirror
Waste basket
Sunburst Clock
Wooden Doll Little Devil
Restore Storage Basket
Sunflower Clock
Sunflower Clock Black
Wooden Dolls Cat & Dog
Eames Elephant Plywood
Star Clock
Coffee Mugs
Duck & Duckling
Cone Clock
Eames Classic Trays
Wheel Clock
Sunburst Clock Black
124° Mirror
Girard Classic Trays
New version
RAR Miniature
Small Dot Pattern Document
Meterware Accessories
Spindle Clock
Plant Box round
Frame Drying Horse
Restore Round Basket
Happy Bin
Ready Made Curtain Pegs
Elephant Pad
Bell Side Table Miniature
Omar the Owl
Fan Clock
Objects Blanket Throw - Limited Edition
Special Edition
Millerstripe Multicoloured Bright
Ceramic Clock
Wire Basket table top
Diamond Clock
Wooden Dolls Mother Fish & Child
Customisable Greeting Card
USM Colouring Book & Coloured Pencil Set
Turning Tray
Flock of Butterflies
AJ Roman Table Clock
High Tray
Nest Hook
AJ City Hall Wall Clock
Nuage Vase
Elihu the Elephant
Objects Vase
Felt Coasters for USM Haller Shelf
Framed Mirror
Schneider Mirror
Restore Tray
Plant Box
Tray Meterware
Magazine rack
About A Chair Seat Pad
Chango Cushion
Umbrella Stand
Dot Cushion Tint
AJ Station Table Clock
L'Air du Temps
Dot Cushion 2x1
Wire Basket
Tray for Plant Box large
La Bohème Vase
Ready Made Curtain Hanging Mechanism
Wooden Box Louisette
AJ Bankers Wall Clock
Wall Clock Alu Alu

Accessories - The perfect complement to stylish design

Part of any successful interior design with designer furniture are the complementing accessories. Their use is just as versatile as their nature: they can complement certain furniture or even set the tone in a room. Hardly an apartment or home is conceivable without these small and large "jewels". While beyond their decorative function some accessories are indispensable functionally; such includes not only cushions, clocks, or toys, but also items such as carpets and practical storage accessories. For example, Muuto's Restore Storage Basket is not just functional, but the designers have also considered sustainability in terms of materiality: while these practical storage items are perfectly at home next to any sofa, chair and cabinet, they often result in an overall concept. In terms of accessories tastes vary greatly: while for some shelves of accessories are a prerequisite, others can do without such decoration.

Various cushions from Vitra, including Quatrefoil by Alexander Girard

Stylishly on time with Vitra

In the digital age, classic clocks are often misunderstood as old-fashioned objects of yesteryear - quite wrongly in our opinion! Analog clocks look back on a long history and are considered an important step in our modern-day world. Thus, they should still be given an important status today. In addition, they are also artistic accessories that set special accents in a room. The designer George Nelson developed a whole collection of wall clocks, which are now considered genuine design classics. Nelson is also responsible for numerous table clocks, such as the Tripod Clock - a desk clock in the chic '50s style and still reliable today. As a brilliant clock specialist, George Nelson has not forgotten even the little ones among us and therefore designed a whole zoo of children's clocks; the so-called Zoo Timers, of which Omar the Owl and Fernando the Fish are two adorable representatives.

Restore Storage Basket from Muuto

Useful and beautiful

In addition, contemporary designer accessories cover objects such as the Strap Mirror from Hay or the legendary Wooden Dolls by Alexander Girard, and especially cushions are a popular design accessory. They not only increase the comfort and cosiness of a home, but are particularly decorative with their often elaborately patterned covers and can thus give entire rooms a new flair. Plus, toys bring a playful flair to the world of accessories, as does kids' furniture such as the rocking bird Dodo from Magis or the Eames Elephant.

An absolute highlight among the accessories are the Vitra Miniatures, a collection which includes some of the most important seating in the history of furniture design recreated as true-to-life replicas in miniature format. In addition to their ornamental value, the Miniatures also enjoy great popularity as a collector's item.

Vitra's Zoo Timers