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Ball Clock
Sunflower Clock
Eye Clock
Sunflower Clock Black
Sunburst Clock
Star Clock
Asterisk Clock
Spindle Clock
AJ Roman Wall Clock
Wall Clock Alu Alu
AJ Bankers Wall Clock
AJ Station Wall Clock
Wheel Clock
AJ City Hall Wall Clock
Wood Time Clock
Fan Clock
Turbine Clock
Popsicle Clock
Polygon Clock
Flock of Butterflies
Diamond Markers Clock

Wall clocks - from abstract-playful to Scandinavian-reduced

Clocks are available in a wide range of variations, colours and shapes: they are available for the wrist, found in and on well-known buildings such as Aarhus Town Hall, and of course as timepieces for the home or the office - in different styles from different eras. Whereby, and especially with wall clocks and table clocks, the mere information over time often plays a minor role, the individual design character and the associated decorative aspect are in the foreground. For example, the legendary wall clocks of the mid-century American designer George Nelson, in contrast to traditional wall clocks, are reduced to minimal and abstract-looking symbols but always individual. The typical circular marking and the clear minute and hour hands make time reading easy, thereby confirming George Nelsen's assumption that you can read the time based solely on the position of the hands. Somewhat less playful, but all the more graphic and reduced are the clocks of Arne Jacobsen, which have been reissued since 2009 by the manufacturer Rosendahl.

Alu Alu clock through Richard Lampert

AJ Roman clock from Rosendahl

Ball Clock from Vitra