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Kaiser Idell 6631-T Luxus
Tube Light Floor Lamp
WG 24
WG 25 GL
Kaiser Idell 6631-T Brass
Kaiser Idell 6722-P
Kaiser Idell 6718-W Scissor Lamp
WA 24
Kaiser Idell 6556-T
Bauhaus Pendant Lamp DMB26
Spring Balanced Table Lamp
Kaiser Idell 6556-F
K831 Pendant Lamp
Kaiser Idell 6631-P
WA 23 SW
Replacement Shade for GL/WA Lamps
Special Edition
WG 24 100 Years of Bauhaus Anniversary Edition Lamp
Spring Balanced Floor Lamp
LUM Pendant Lamp
L25N Pastel
Special Edition
Modular Table Lamp

Bauhaus Lighting

In addition to tubular steel and plywood, glass was one of the preferred materials at the Bauhaus: on the one hand while it provided a reference to both architecture and industry, and on the other because of the possibilities to integrate it into furniture on account transparency. A particularly notable representation of this can be seen in the Wagenfeld Lamp, an object often referred to as the "Bauhaus Lamp". On account of its industry look, the simple form, elegance and technoid appearance Wilhelm Wagenfeld's lamp is one of the most popular modernist design classic. In addition to the Wagenfeld Lamp a further example of a Bauhaus lamp is the KAISER idell 6631 R Luxus by Christian Dell, a lamp which through its combination of metal a clear and simple form and a function-oriented design also presents very typical features of the Bauhaus design tradition.

Wagenfeld Leuchte by Fritz Hansen

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