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Girard Classic Trays, S, Love Heart
String Pocket
Componibili Round - 2 Compartments
Eames House Bird
Heart Cone Chair
Optimist & Pessimist
Wooden Dolls Cat & Dog
Eames Wool Blanket - Dot Pattern
Lato Side Table
Kink Vase
Pair of sparrows
smow Gift Certificate
Plant Box H 65
Halten Side Table
Cork Bowl
The Dots Metal Set of 5
Graphic Print Pillows
Apollo Portable
Folded Shelves
Unu Mirror round
Objects Ikebana Vase
Componibili Smile
AJ Mini Table Lamp Anniversary Edition
JH Tray
Come Together
PC Portable
Nuage Vase
Anglepoise & Paul Smith Type 75 Mini
Special Edition
Lucca Portable
Eclisse Special Edition
Special Edition
Eyelet Side Table
Lorenz Mirror
Carrie Table Lamp
Plant Box round
Piton Portable Lamp
Basket Planter
Objects Pouf
Turn On
Duck & Duckling
Componibili Bio round - 3 compartements
smow x KLEKKS Wool Blanket
Eames House Bird Special Collection
Special Edition
Eames Elephant Special Collection
Special Edition
Ridge Vase
L'Air du Temps
Friedrich Mirror
Wooden Dolls Mother Fish & Child
Column Table Lamp
Locker Box
Bicoca Table Lamp
Flowerpot VP9 Portable
Setago Portable
Panthella 160 Portable
Control Table Lamp
Colour Block Blanket
Wire Basket
Unu Mirror with storage
Flowerpot VP3 Table lamp
Eames House Bird Walnut
Plant Box Small
Caret Portable
Colour Frame Mirror
Tecta Cat Karlchen
Découpage Vase
Platform Tray
JWDA Table Lamp
AJ City Hall Bordur Tischuhr
Shell Pot
Framed Mirror
Ikeru Vase
USM Haller Bar Trolley Type I, Edition Olive Green
Special Edition
Wooden Doll XL
Special Edition
PH 5 Anniversary Edition
Flowerpot VP10 Pendant Lamp
Échasse Vase
Brim Vase
String 1949-2024 Anniversary edition
Special Edition
PH 2/2 The Question Mark
Special Edition
Falling In Love
Wooden Doll Little Devil
Nessino Black Edition
Special Edition
L25N Pastel
Special Edition
Ceramic Table
Reverse Table Lamp
Torso Table Lamp Portable


For Lovebirds: Vitra's Eames House Bird

What started out in the UK with love poems and Valentine's cards has become a global tradition: on Valentine's Day we think of our loved ones and give them a small (or large) Valentine's Day gift as a token of our love. Valentine's Day, which originally dates back to the feast of St. Valentine, is celebrated every year on February 14th, and every year we ask ourselves: What is an appropriate gift for Valentine's Day? What do I get my girlfriend for Valentine's Day? What Valentine's Day gift idea could my husband look forward to?

Flowers and chocolates are the classics. However, if you are looking for a special gift with a personal touch that will last longer and leave a lasting impression, then one of our designer gifts is the perfect choice.

Flowers are unquestionably the classic. And with the design vase Kink by Muuto they become evergreen

Love served on a platter: gifts from Alexander Girard comes with a lot of heart


For that unique person in your life:The exclusive smow Nessino Black Edition

Amongst our Valentine's Day gift tips you will find an original and suitable surprise for every taste: and even last-minute buyers have a good chance that it will arrive in time. Whether you're looking for a small gift, a decorative home accessory or a pragmatic Valentine's Day gift, instead of asking in classic gender clichés "What does a woman want for Valentine's Day?" or “What to get a man for Valentine’s Day?” it is important to respond to the personal preferences of your sweetheart with that loving gift.

Evoke star filled evening skies: The VP1 from &Tradition

... to illuminate hearts

Beautiful design accessories for Valentine's Day: Surprise him/her

The classic gift is the bouquet. But why not give the matching vase as a present? With a designer vase, a flower gift becomes even more exclusive and will be remembered for a long time. Designer vases from manufacturers such as Vitra, Muuto or Fritz Hansen vary greatly between filigree, playful, minimalist and geometrically strict, and come in numerous materials including aluminium, as in the case the Vitra Vase Nuage, or classic porcelain, offers a wide range of materials and styles. Whether for man, woman or non-binary people, there is a suitable model for every taste.

Also available in the color of love: the Nessino lamp from Artemide

For all those who are aesthetically inclined, home accessories such as a nice woollen blanket under which you can make yourself comfortable together, or a cozy pillow are also an option. Also decorative design gifts like the Vitra Wooden Dolls or the Wooden Figures by Kay Bojesen are always well received by Valentines with a weakness for all things beautiful.

Spring flowers and the delicate Ikebana vase by Fritz Hansen - a heart-winning project

Wonderful even without flowers - the Shellpot vase by Ferm Living

Gift with cuddle factor: Graphic Print Pillow from Vitra

For a romantic morning chorus: The Lovebirds by Kay Bojesen

Functional Valentine's Day gifts for pragmatists with style: Clocks or battery lights

For all Valentine's treasures who are more practical or love technology, we recommend a decorative designer clock or a practical battery light. The table clocks and wall clocks by the mid-century designer George Nelson are among the genuine Vitra design classics, beautify any interior and reliably trace the passage of time. Rechargeable battery lights from Marset, Louis Poulsen or &Tradition are particularly practical and create a romantic atmosphere both indoors and outdoors.

Functional battery light: Piton Portable Lamp by Muuto

Stylish time display: AJ table clock by Rosendahl

Particularly romantic Valentine's Day gift idea: A heart motif for couples' evenings

If you are looking for a particularly romantic gift as a personal declaration of love, the Vitra Coffee Mugs or the Graphic Print Pillows, which are decorated with the famous Alexander Girard Love Heart leave little room for ambiguity.
There are also numerous ideal design gifts for couples for a romantic evening together on Valentine's Day: The FollowMe Table Lamp by Marset provides the right atmosphere thanks to its dimming function, while the Eames Wool Blanket not only looks beautiful, but above all has an optimal cuddle factor.

The colour pink always stands for romance. The stylish Panthella Portable in pink is perfect for Valentine's Day. If that's too romantic for you, you can fall back on the Panthella Portable in black.

For love at first sight: Panthella Portable

Favorite flowers in the Vitra Toolbox engender loving looks. Try it...

Shine bright like a diamond... The Battery lamp from Kartell is perfect for Valentine's Day,

The heart-shaped design classic is just right for Valentine's hearts: Heart Cone Chair by Vitra

In the colour of love: USM table

Valentine's Day gifts for friends or for your team

Thinking of giving your team a Valentine's Day gift as a token of your appreciation? Do that! Nobody expects that! After all, employees are also happy to receive a little gift on Valentine's Day. And a small gift for your best friend is also a lovely surprise.

A Valentine's card for good friends or your team is always a nice symbol of appreciation

Sweet surprise: The Vitra Coffee Mug by Alexander Girard in a set of 2 or 6

Love served on a tray - Vitra Classic Trays are perfect as a small gift for your team